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Document récupéré à Temecula, en Californie, suite à l'Opération "Service de Livraison", dans un Lieu d'Intérêt ayant appartenu aux Restaurants d'Ambrose. Ce document est conservé aux fins d'utilisation par la FIM Lambda-14 ("Les Examinateurs Une Étoile") dans le cadre de sa lutte continuelle contre ce groupe d'intérêt.


Seaside Super Shrimp:
Nos crevettes sont les plus grosses de la ville, ça ne fait aucun doute ! Commandez-les à l'unité pour 1/4 ou 1/2 livres
Ailes de la Côte Ouest :
Savourez avec plaisir votre plat d'ailes épicées qui s'envoleront littéralement de la cuisine !
Seance Soup:
Notre célèbre soupe bleue can have you dining with your relatives, even if you've never seen them alive! Un seul service par personne, menu fantôme disponible sur demande.
Temecula Slider Towers:
Savourez cette entrée particulière, et découvrez la vie sans friction pour une demi-heure ! (Ambrose ne peut être tenu responsable d'aucune blessure causée hors de l'emprise des lois de la friction.)
Plats Principaux
Une Salade Saine :
Peut-être que ça ressemble à un tas d'herbe chaude, mais grâce à un anartiste local ça aura exactement le goût d'un cheeseburger !
Singularity Salmon:
Un grand plat de saumon, servi avec des patates rôties et des haricots, qui défie les lois de la géométrie !
Omnipotent Potato Wedges:
Our deep fried wedges are superior to all other dishes, and will make that fact known! Any food placed on the plate with them will also become potato wedges!
Tambouille du Gangster:
Become awestruck as the two halves of your meal fight for supremacy on your plate! The victor determines the flavour, never the same taste twice!
Tint Taquito:
Change your hue for the duration of your meal with this delicious Mexican delight!
Barbecue fish:
Carefully grilled piscomorph from one of at least three realities, depending on availability.
Conceptual Curry:
This dish is the pure concept of a madras curry, zero calories, and entirely transparent! Ask your waiter to add it to another dish.
Chef's Choice:
Changes weekly, ask your server!
Easter Frog's Eggs:
Rendered safe to eat by freezing and boiling, this delicious chocolate-like treat can be enjoyed year-round!
Midnight Cotton Candy:
A dark treat, sure to tickle your insides! Exclusively available at all of our restaurants thanks to The Circus of the Disquieting, the Greatest Show in all the Worlds!
Sunside Sugar Shack:
A sweet treat you're sure to enjoy, and it'll give you a sunny disposition as well!
Mango Salsa:
Two fruits performing a Latin dance on your plate! Muy caliente!


Customer Reviews: Temecula


Great place to eat with a good selection of food!
C'est sympa d'avoir enfin un endroit pour manger ce qui convient le mieux à mes goûts les plus ésotériques. Super endroit en plus !


I've spent a couple of enjoyable evenings here, the changing menu items are interesting, but I feel like using actual self-modifying menus would improve it a lot.


I didn't like the waiter's face.


The atmosphere is really down to earth, which is tricky to pull off with some of these menu items! Five stars!


Food was good, but about half way through our meal some anophiliac ran at our table and tried to stuff his dick into our drinks.


Place was crawling with guards, I think there was some kind of incident recently? Managed to have an enjoyable enough meal, but I was constantly on edge.


If you ever want my custom again, you'll repair your draconian laws! If you refuse to serve me based on one unplanned incident than I will be forced to incite the Foundation upon your establishment.


I had a great meal with the family, everyone said their meals were excellent! I had the fish, and experienced flavors that don't exist in this world!


There was a sale on, and the owner himself cooked for us! Only downside was the ongoing memetic outbreak in the city, but that's hardly this place's fault.
…It wasn't, right?


My mouth literally will not stop watering!
Seriously, how do you deal with runaway salivation?


Fuck you.

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