I'm your puppet, you control me; I'm your puppet, I don't know me.

IDEA: Pufferfish on top of a 17-year-old allows the kid to fly and communicates to it what the enemies of "ocean world" (an entirely realistic and not fictional place) are, only to slowly pull out the kid's intestines, lungs, and stomach from its semi-amorphous skull it's melded to.

In order to levitate, SCP-X-1 and -2 have to breathe in unison.

The kid assumes he's a paratrooper, chosen by Ocean World as one of its Protectorate Paramilitia and will be rewarded with mermaids, gold, wine, whatever a young adolescent, horny teenager desires.

Pufferfish is extremely vague on its intentions, how it knows this kill-list, and whether or not it's just leeching off the organs of comic-book lovers. So Kickass merged with the Mask but the Mask is far more ambiguous.

Table of assault rifles, submachine guns, grenades, an aluminum baseball bat, tasers, IED rocket launchers, and propellant fuel being used as Molotov cocktails from the kid's "lair"

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