Baubius's Proposal - Gray
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Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: [DATA MISSING]

Sub-Class: Eigenweapon

Special Containment Procedures: [DATA MISSING]

Description: [DATA MISSING]

December 3, 2036

The air around me is as still and as cold as a corpse. I thought that I would've gotten used to it by now, but I'm still freezing. Everything in here is so cold, right down to the colors of the walls; a pasty white, slightly blurred by an ashen tone I have yet to identify. It smells like ice and moss in here. It's almost like I'm outside, letting snow sprinkle down upon me. I can almost taste the snowflakes.

But I digress. I have work to do.

My eyes groggily flutter open as I lift my head from my desk, trails of saliva hanging from my mouth like wires. My hair looks like a bird's nest, with tufts of it just barely hanging in my vision. Everything around me is blurry, save for my monitor, which is flashing the usual message at me:


Soon enough, my vision clears up. It's not perfect, but I can make out some small details in the distance. I wave my hand in front of my face. Yep, I can still see my fingerprints. The most visible thing is my monitor, as usual. I groan and yawn simultaneously as I scoot my seat closer to the computer. I wriggle my finger's around, hearing each of them crack, and click on the message.


Ugh, god. Not the identity test. It has been a few days since I had to take it. I guess the system actually remembered me back then. Sure enough, a small, scarlet point appears on the screen. Reluctantly, I look right at it, and I can almost feel it staring back at me. I can sense that fuzzy feeling right in-between my eyes; that strange sensation when someone's watching you. Finally, the screen flashes thousands of images in the course of approximately 6.78 nanoseconds. Normally your brain wouldn't be able to pick up any of them, but this damn meme makes sure they're packed in tight.

I squint as a migraine flushes over me. It pushes down into my skull, knocking like an enraged police officer. I swear every time I go through the test a little bit of my brain juice gets squeezed out of me by some invisible hand. Eventually it passes, but god damn if the impact still doesn't leave me dizzy.


As I wait for the first item to load, I still can't get my mind off of that test. It's the only way I can survive. This substance — "SCP-001" — is what it feeds me. It keeps me nourished, it keeps me healthy, and it keeps me sane. With it, I don't need to leave. I've never tried to leave. I don't like the feeding process, and I don't enjoy the food. But it helps me. And that's all I need now.

That machine should have me embedded in its code like a leech by now, but it always forgets me. Maybe it's just to feed me more SCP-001, but… I get where it's coming from. I can barely remember who I am.

Finally, the page loads.

Temporarily Archived File O-93023-32489

Unidentified Journal #29393

Author Unknown

Discovery: TAF/O-93023-32489 was discovered in [INFORMATION WITHDRAWN], buried in the snow. SD/001-34389 scanned the physical media and destroyed it immediately after.

Content: TAF/O-93023-32489 consists of 1000 pages, 83 of which contain handwritten text. 5/83 of said pages have been flagged for review, and are displayed below:

Page 18

I think they are gone now. Cannot see clearly. Background is now blurry, can only see things 3 feet in frotn front of me.
Snow is getting worse. Can barely see the village but we are almost there. Think we were sighted back a few miles there.

Page 20

We arrive at the village earlier. Locals didn't like to see us clearly. But one kind man let us sleep in his house.

It is not warm, but it has light. Man has wife and three children. They are very nice family. We ate some canned beans they offered us. I ate like a dog.

I ask them why other locals look at us badly. They say we attract [INFORMATION WITHDRAWN]. We hear that all the time.

When we sleep, I hear creaking outside. Gordon grabbed his gun and went outside. In morning he still not come back. Instead [INFORMATION WITHDRAWN] was in snow outside house. Man tells us to leave. Locals force us to leave.

Page 22

Cold gotten worse. But aveh been creaking. Creaking always make it worse. Still have some food that Alex managed to steal in morning. Feel bad for mna man but they make us leave.

Snwo Snow used to be white. Not white anymoermore. Cannot recognize color of sky or snow or clouds anymore. Ask others btu tbu ud BUT tthey do not want to talk.

Page 37

SAW IT it is So saw itt in distance creaking so fucking loud cannot SEE MY EYeS SNOW snow is gray GRAY
gayr grAy
not white not gray gRAY
alex is WRONG he canno

Page 38

I am ok now. My tribe helped me recover. Creaking so bad. Creaking in my ears. Creaking resides within my e

they have to hold me sometimes
to make sure the demons do not

do not say what i am not
they are demons
we know everyone knows

they are demons

there are demons among us

and all they want is our tasty


and our tender



i am not healthy i must rest

Is the following media eligible for complete destruction?


I blink twice when I finish the document. I look to my left, then my right. I don't feel particularly nauseous, either. So I click no.


The next fifteen or so files aren't anything special. Just some more incoherent ramblings, journal entries, and novels. I admit that I got a bit of a laugh after reading some poetry that managed to get in. None of them were elligible for destruction.

As I went through the next thousand files, I began to grow tired. I was able to skim through at least six or seven every thirty minutes, but nothing of note came out of them. All of these files were clean. In fact, I can't recall the last time I got a bad file. Hell, I'm guessing someone else gets them. Well, that is if there is anyone else.

Finally, I finish the last file; something about a house crumbling for no reason. It, of course, was clean. I lean back in my chair and stretch, filled with a hazy sense of attainment.


I suddenly feel warm. This happens every time I finish all of the documents. I take it that it's some kind of award that comes with doing my job. It's nice while it lasts.

"ORDER COMPLETE." And without so much as a goodbye, the monitor goes dark. Finally, my shift is over. I close my eyes and gently rest my head against my desk, resting both of my hands under it.

Sometimes I question where those files come from. The discovery section is almost always the shortest, and has little to no detail thrown into it. It's always either found on the ground or on a computer somewhere. I don't let it bother me, but it would be nice to know where they came from. But I suppose that isn't what I'm here to do. I have to make sure they're clean.

I can still remember my first day. Well, sort of: I woke up in this room, sitting where I always do. In front of me was a peice of paper. It told me how to analyze the files and how to test them for hazards. The rest of it was really just a blur, as is with every other day I'm here. I forget a lot of things, but I would like to know what those things are.

But I digress. I need to sleep. I have work tomorrow.


  • Department of Eigenweaponry Logo by me.




  • The Chaos Insurgency has conquered the Foundation.
  • SCP-001 is a corrupt version of the Ennui Protocol gas.
  • SCP-001-1 is Amelia, who validates information for SCP-001 to either destroy or spread through the atmosphere.
  • SCP-001 is basically an advanced surveillance system, keeping track of citizens. SCP-001 needs information to keep them from knowing that.
  • The Overseer (previously O5-12) controls SCP-001.
  • SCP-001 is a gray gas, and has covered the Earth, causing an ice age.


  • Part 1
    • We open in Amelia's chamber.
    • We get to learn what she does for a living.
    • She takes the Identity Test.
    • Short journal entry. feed audience some lore from outside world.
    • She finished reviewing all the files.
    • Tries to got to sleep, we get some more inner-dialogue.
    • Tomorrow she hears her computer beeping. The lights turn off.
    • "INTRUDER ALERT" or something, it says.
    • She grabs something to defend herself. She hears gunfire just outside of her door.
    • This is her first time getting close to the door, and even touching it. (She did try to escape once, but she can't remeber. Spoilers, god.) She hears Julian shouting.
    • Julian bursts through the door. He and Amelia fight. Julian manages to sway Amelia out of containment, with an SD/001 outside looking for them.
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