Baubius 4
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Project #: SPC-3999

Deviant Class: Typhon

Selechian Pugnātorial Capabilities: SPC-3999, while not Selachian, is to be punched by any means possible. SPC-3999 has been deemed a threat to reality by the Oracle, and must be destroyed.

Project Components: SPC-3999 is a human cadaver (MERCURY NEPTUNE-AZURE). This component is located at the end of SPA1 Testing Well #451, and has been embedded in the wall. The SPA's lining this tunnel's walls have either been destroyed or deactivated.

MERCURY NEPTUNE-AZURE actively warps space-time around it. Although this does not appear to be deliberant, evidence shows that it is the result of external components either damaging or attacking MERCURY NEPTUNE-AZURE, of which possessed similar capabilities. Due to the damage sustained by MERCURY NEPTUNE-AZURE, the corpses' identity is as of yet unknown.

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