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Item #: SCP-4699

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4699 has been secluded from the public. Two guards are to patrol the perimeter of the house where SCP-4699 is located at all times, and are to administer amnestics to unauthorized civilians as appropriate with standard Foundation conduct. Since the recently conducted exploration missions, access into SCP-4699-1 is forbidden unless under O5 Command supervision, and SCP-4699 has been classified as Keter.

Description: SCP-4699 designates the front door of suburban house located in the town of Great Kills, Kansas, USA. Entering the house through the windows or back door exhibits no anomalous properties. No anomalous properties were reported when exiting the house through SCP-4699.

When a human enters SCP-4699, they will be transported to a parallel reality designated SCP-4699-A. SCP-4699-A is similar to baseline reality, with the exception that in 1891, all species of the clyde Anthophila (bee) became completely extinct via unknown means. Because of this, approximately ████ animal species also went extinct, and the current human population has been reduced to 1.1 billion.

Global infrastructure was drastically and three new world powers were created following the event, as well as more numerous, smaller communities and republics. These world powers are "The United Directorate of America", "Mpango wa Mungu" and "islandd", designated SCP-4699-1 through -3.


When all species of bee went extinct within SCP-4699-A, most of the population noticed almost instantly, and mass panic occurred. Large amounts of people reported swarms of bees flying east, but it was unknown where they were attempting to go. Several wars were fought between several nations for the obtainment of any bee carcasses for the chance of reviving bees. However, none of the countries had any, and no one knew where any were. Eventually, after approximately 20 years, it is theorized that all non self-pollinated crops in SCP-4699-A had been depleted, and no suitable pollinator to replace bees were found.

Crops from farmers in the Americas and Afro-Eurasia have been reduced by 97% due to the lack of a pollinator. Some pollinators like butterflies were able to pollinate some crops, but famine still was prevalent throughout all nations. Eventually, a large number of animal species went extinct due to the lack of food. Nations ate food capable of self-pollination, such as tomatoes, several types of pepper, and peanuts.

During this time, the current US President, shortly after the Spanish-American war, initiated a sudden troop surge within South America after an alliance with Canada, which was seen as a declaration of war. However, American troops overwhelmed the continent, and it claimed the entire continent as its own. Troops were deployed into other islands within the pacific and Atlantic ocean, including Hawaii, shortly after, and managed to claim several islands before being pushed back by SCP-4699-2 forces. During this time, Japan closed all of its borders and went into complete isolation for unknown reasons.

During this time, the practice of Baratism grew exponentially throughout Africa and Europe. It is theorized that this is because of the formation of an alliance between 21 African countries in order to conquer Europe and Russia, despite the apparent language and cultural barriers. After approximately 15 years, they successfully conquered the entirety of Asia except for Japan, and theorized to have claimed several parts of Oceania.

The nation renamed itself to Mpango wa Mungu1, and America renamed itself to The United Directorate of America. 50 years after this, Japan sent out an ambassador, covered in dried blood and dressed in animal skins, to Mpango wa Mungu, through whom they stated that their nation was now called "islandd." The ambassador then immediately took out a spear and stabbed themselves in the stomach.

Not much more is known about islandd's history.


The location that SCP-4699 leads to has been determined to be SCP-4699-A's version of Kansas, and is theorized to be the "same spot" in relation to baseline reality. 63 kilometers west of the house is determined to be SCP-4699-A's version of Wichita, Kansas, the closest form of civilization near SCP-4699.

The following is an exploration log of SCP-4699-A upon initial discovery by the Foundation.

It has been determined that SCP-4699-1 has a population density of 0.2 people per square kilometer. 80 percent of SCP-4699-1's citizens live in "New York District." The following is an interview between Dr. Macaulay and PoI-2531, a citizen of New York District.


15 days after SCP-4699's discovery, Site-8335 has been fully constructed nearby the door within SCP-4699-A. It was established under the guise of a scientific research center. More information can be found within Site-8335's site dossier.

Operation God's Plan has been initiated in order to establish a foothold within SCP-4699-2. A small outpost within SCP-4699-A's version of South Africa has been established for the purposes of studying SCP-4699-2 further. Following the outpost's establishment, an abandoned building was found nearby, nearly buried. Mobile Task Force Theta-95 ("Within Dark Places") was sent to explore the area.


On ██/██/████, a small port town was seen off the coast of SCP-4699-A's version of Brazil. It was revealed that the inhabitants of this port town were part of a rebellion created to overthrow SCP-4699-1. The following is an interview with the leader of the outpost.


Shortly after arriving within SCP-4699-A, the Foundation's activities have been tracked by SCP-4699-1's government. Citizens interviewed by the Foundation (which at time of writing is estimated to be 90 individuals) have all been captured and presumably tortured. Because of this, O5 Command has ordered for Site-8335 to be rebuilt underneath SCP-4699's location in order to stay hidden.

The following was discovered within a terminal in a library. It is theorized that it was supposed to be sent out to someone, but for some reason it did not send and the sender did not realize.

From: Henry, [moc.ytiurf|kcabot_yrneh#moc.ytiurf|kcabot_yrneh]

To: _________ Please enter recipient here.


Apologies for not sending this over a secure email server; don't think it'll be necessary anyways, but this is the best I can do with the time I have.

Let him know that most of the people that talked with them have been taken care of. However, a few of them have been moving to Mpango to evade punishment. I believe they are a part of the Wolf's Gang. One of their main bases of operation in Brazil was recently destroyed, so it's highly likely. Tell him that we need a HELLSCAPE code within the Atlantic ocean. That should be about 50 copters, won't be an issue.

As for the Foundation, we still have not located their main base of operation. We believe that they occupy the same headquarters as the WG, if they are allied with each other. We still do not know if that is the case yet.

This is the biggest surge in suspicious activity we've had in some time now. I know they're up to something. What that something is, I don't know.

Sneezing in a flower garden,


The following information requires level 4 clearance to view

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