Big Cheese
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Item #: SCP-3173

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3173 is to be contained at remote site outpost 132, Novo Airão, Brazil1.

A ring of McDonald's Chicken McNuggets at least 10 nuggets in diameter is to be placed around the length of SCP-3173. This ring is to be refreshed daily. Should a breach in the ring occur, MTF-Theta-10 ("Welcome to Flavor Town") is to be organized and sent to the break in order to eliminate any SCP-3173-A or -B instances and repair the breach.

A perimeter measuring 20 meters from the boundaries of SCP-3173 is to be held at all times. Anyone entering or exiting the perimeter without permission are to be terminated on-sight. All personnel are to be screened weekly for signs of SCP-3173 effects.

The primary directive of all further ventures into SCP-3173 is the elimination of the object at the center, the exact identity of which is currently unknown. The destruction of this object will most likely result in the neutralization of SCP-3173.

Description: SCP-3173 is a roughly circular area with a radius of 300 meters, affecting a former xavante tribal village in Novo Airão, Brazil. While previously unmodernized, the area has been transformed into a functioning urban environment. The only buildings are McDonalds fast food restaurants, small bungalow style houses, and a single two-story building in the center. A moat surrounding this building is present, made of what exploration teams sent in reported to be some variation of McDonald's 'Secret Sauce.'

Anyone crossing the barrier into SCP-3173 will undergo several extreme physiological conversions, which includes, in no particular order:

  • Conversion of all body fluids into cheese
  • Conversion of all bones into an incredibly dense bread
  • Replacement of all hair with a stringy substance made of McDonald's burger meat

Once these changes are completed, the person (SCP-3173-A) will also exhibit a love for McDonald's Hamburgers and worship 'Mayor McCheese' as a deity or godhead figure. It is unknown how SCP-3173-A is able to survive under these conditions. See the Interview Log below for more details.

These mutations can be successfully prevented if subjects are removed from SCP-3173 before it progresses past a certain point (the exact point of which is unknown at current time). Gas filtration has proven to be effective at reducing these changes and allow any MTF units sent inside to exit as well.

Every morning, all SCP-3173-A instances will gather at the center of the town and begin consuming from the liquid in the moat as a form of a daily ritual. During this time, what are thought to be the disciplinary members of SCP-3173 (SCP-3173-B) will exit the moat. Each SCP-3173-B instance is roughly humanoid and bears a heavy resemblance to depictions of McDonald's character 'Officer Big Mac,' possessing an enlarged hamburger as a head. Once all of the SCP-3173-B instances have exited from the moat, they will lift the top part of their head, revealing what appears to be a McDonald's Big Mac. 50% of the SCP-3173-A instances will consume the burger while the other 50% will place the burger into the hands of the SCP-3173-B instance they received it from. These instances will then walk inside the building.

Occasionally, when reaching into SCP-3173-B, SCP-3173-B will close its mouth, trapping the SCP-3173-A instance, and begin devouring it. Any pieces of the SCP-3173-A instances will be eaten by the surrounding SCP-3173-A instances.

Once this ritual is complete, all other SCP-3173-B and SCP-3173-A instances will walk inside the moat. At some point following this, all SCP-3173-A instances will be returned to their houses. Following this ritual, SCP-3173 will begin to spread unless prevented. The rate of spreading increases as SCP-3173 gains in size.

Following the events detailed below in Addendum-3173-1, McDonald's Brand Chicken McNuggets have proved effective in preventing the spread of SCP-3173. Containment procedures have been updated.



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