Big Man Bumaro

In a dark, smoldering expanse filled with boiling gore and burning metal, a single figure sat alone. Wating. This was the final day of the struggle. Two opposing sides, spearheaded by only two people, gods within their own right. Machine and flesh, the final thrash of divine fury aimed towards the other. And here he sat. A single figure of bone and sinew, crafted together in a shining beauty unlike any other. Waiting for the other.

“Bumaro, I know you’re there.”


“I know you’re listening. I can feel it. The tension in the air. We have been tied together since the beginning, and slowly, ever slowly, the string has been tightening. It is taut now and will not tighten any further. Either one of us is finally pulled into the other, or it breaks here,” he said, breaking a metal head beneath his foot, the iron popping as it was flattened to a thin plate.

”and now.”


“The challenge stands here, love. Fight or die, those are your options. Either I find you, slaughter you as a bear would a deer, or you stand here and fight. Die by my hand, not someone else's.”

“. . .”

“The dragon yet wakes.”

A single figure emerged from the fog beyond. Hammer of the Broken God, Shepard of the Gears Beneath, The Seventh Dragon of the Seven Seals, The Undoing of the Flesh. A great and mighty hammer in one hand of gears, its watchful gaze set upon her. Eyes of glass, its chest tick tick ticking with the beat of gears. yet despite these augmentations, the familiar beat of a flesh heart sounded beneath it all.

“Ion,” said the figure.

Shatterer of the Daevite kingdom, The Beating Heart of the Earth, Fifth Dragon of the Seven Seals, Grand Karcist Ion looked upon the scene before him.
And he laughed.

“Trying to seduce me, huh?”


“Oh, I know your game. Pretend you don’t want me after my years of trying to get you and then here you come, dressed in lingerie, trying to get me over to your side instead of fighting me at our final battle. Well, it's not gonna work. Not this time at least.”

Bumaro readied their hammer, still and silent.

As Ion reached Bumaro, time stood still for a single second. Bumaro, hammer at their side, still even in the face of the cracking earth before them. Ion, arms and legs tense, blood pooling before him, spear mid swing. The two lovers stared each other in the eyes, knowing this would be final.


A body of clockwork.


A heart of many.

Time unfroze and spear met hammer with blinding speed. Moving in a flash, Bumaro swung once, hitting Ion's spear out of the way, spun, and swung again, hammer cackling with electricity, aiming for Ion's chest. Hands reached out from Ion's chest, hardening quickly into bone, grasping at the short lived freedom they had been given.

Bumaro's hammer hit the hands, shattering them on contact, sending Ion flying into the scattered metal and flesh. The blackened arms at Ion's ribs fell apart, clockwork making its way up his ribs. Flesh mended and cracked, as Ion's crumpled body reformed. The corrupted flesh fell out of his body, new growths started beneath. Opening his eyes, Ion could see a streak of white, billowing robes steadily approaching him, soft blue light of the hammer at its side. With a grunt, Ion jumped to the side, the ground beneath his feet breaking as large femurs burst forth to accelerate his jump. Landing on the ground, Ion reached into the meat.

The femurs in front of him shattered into pieces of burning bone and marrow. Bumaro emerged from the shards, cold, heartless eyes pointed at Ion, hammer following deftly at their side. Ion ripped his spear from the fleshy ground as Bumaro's hammer descended.

The valley shook as an immense crack reverberated through the strewn metal, dead flesh stuck to metal and bone being cast off, leaving behind bleached bone and shining silver.

Bumaro recoiled as a shard of bone ripped through their cheek, barely having enough time to spin around and knock aside the spear coming towards their back. Raising it to the sky, Bumaro hit their hammer on the ground, summoning a large metal wall from the ground. Bone met metal, spikes tearing through the top, shards of bone and metal mingling to create deadly projectiles in all directions.

Chunks from the left side of Bumaro's face fell to the ground, muscle binded to the metal, growing even after being detached. Ever emotionless, Bumaro rammed the now bone-metal wall with their shoulder, bursting through effortlessly, single eye scanning for Ion on the other side.

In the distance, Ion stood still. "Ha," Ion's voice rang out, "you haven't slowed down either all these years." Bumaro responded with silence. "You haven't stopped doing that either, it seems." Ion lifted his spear and thrust it into the ground.


Squealing, cracking sounds emanated from the ground, the bones of the earth shattering from the weight of divinity. The skin of the ground broke, and from it came the skeleton of a great dragon, drawn upwards by the call of Ion. As it came out, the collected flesh and sinew was bound to its bones. The blood that had covered the ground was gone, all of it drawn away.

"Behold the dragon."

Responding with a mighty roar to the sky, the dragon unfurled its wings, thin lines of muscle connecting the bones, arteries hanging down as string. It lowered its head and fastened its view on its combatent.

Bumaro found themselves being stared at by dozens of eyes. Ion tore his spear from the dried ground, dust puffing up from what had moments ago been mud. He walked into the dragon, his own flesh and bone fusing with the winged monstrosity, two eyes joining the dragon's own.

Bumaro merely raised their hammer.

The metal upon the ground began to spark. Arcing pillars of electricity fell from the sky, turning sand into glass. The metals began to glow and move, collecting at a single point on the beach.

Ion ascended into the air. Spinning, turning, diving, dodging the electricity as it came down from the sky.

Below, the metals formed a great dragon, its wings jutting and sharp, pointed against the puny figure below. Great teeth of sheet metal lined its mouth, the glow of eternal gears emanating from within its stomach. With a great and mighty roar, it shattered the glass beneath. Bumaro lept upon its back and they rose above.

And the valley shook.

Break, then scar. Stronger than before.

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