Black Flag 2



O5-2: What is it this time, One. I was deathly busy.

O5-1: As was I, but everything can wait. And it will have to wait, because we don't have much choice either way.

O5-7: Get on with it, we saw the message. You know we've told you to actually talk to us before you make big sweeping decisions like this.

O5-1: I do it for a reason. Listen, this world is damned. The US Government is pushing us to spend all of our money on a crapshoot.

O5-2: You mean the Secure-ment Plan?

O5-1: Yes. You and me know their Government, it's a fools task.

O5-3: And you have a better idea?

O5-1: Yes, otherwise I wouldn't be talking to you all today.

O5-12: So what do you…

O5-1: We're leaving this universe. We've failed our mission, our purpose is void.

O5-7: How do you expect we accomplish this.

O5-1: I'm taking the plastic knife and attaching it to The Ship.

O5-13: The Ship?

O5-3: Ah yeah, that info wasn't classified for you. Can someone explain it to her…

O5-1: Anomalous engine constructed into an airplane, used for attacking remote towns and stealing everything we can to sell to MC&D. It's the reason we haven't disbanded a while ago.

O5-13: You said we were getting funds from the UN.

O5-1: That hasn't been true for decades. Listen, that's not important, all I know is that creating the pesticides isn't going to do anything, considering the current geopolitical climate and the state of the Middle East, the chances of fully eradicating the threat without killing billions of people in the process is extremely small.


O5-1: I sent the message to a handful of Foundation personnel, and we will reconstruct our Foundation. We will not be having a vote today, as this is occurring whether you all like it or not. Please lay your hand in front of you and state your name if you wish to come with me. Otherwise, get out of my sight.


O5-2: Janet Paul, O5-2.

O5-4: Garry Starr, O5-4.

O5-11: John Doe, O5-11

O5-3: Ugh, Dell Trennity, O5-3.


O5-1: This is the best chance of the survival of humanity of any extent. Trust me, I hate this as much as you all do, but I'm only doing this for our survival.

O5-5: You're always all talk and no action, One. I wish you luck.

O5-9: As do I.


O5-6: I do not wish good tidings to traitors. I'm not letting you through this door.

O5-1: What are you doing, O5-6.

O5-6: I'm making sure you pay your debt to humanity, like you promised when you created this organization.

O5-1: Oaths are weak, and cannot be held during times of great hysteria. You know this, I know this. Get out of my way, or I'll be forced to…

O5-6: Kill me? Better alternative than dying a very painful death outside, because either way, I am not accompanying you, and while I still stand, I'm not letting you through this do-



O5-1: He knew full well that threats of violence of another O5 would have consequences, this was his fault. Now leave, all of you.



O5-1: We're leaving tomorrow. Dismissed.


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