Black Flag 3

Security Footage Site-51

Time: 04:57


O5-1 is stationed outside of Site-51, next to SCP-001-Y. O5-1 is smoking a cigarette. Thirty-five Foundation personnel, including O5-2, O5-3, O5-4 and O5-11, exit the site.

O5-1: Hey, where's the rest of em.

O5-2: They didn't come. You're just gonna have to make due with roughly 30 of us.

O5-1: Better than nothing. Frankly, I was unsure if this thing would fly with 60 people, so this is a relief.

Dr. Hanson: Apologies for interrupting, sir, but the pesticides are going to lose effect in roughly 20 minutes. We should probably hurry.

O5-1: Oh, we're fine. Calm down. I need to tell you all your positions in the crew.

O5-11: Positions?

O5-1: Yes. As I know the ins and outs of this plane, I'm the Captain that oversees all the operations on this vessel. Anyone who objects to this may kindly walk away and fend for themselves. Any questions?


O5-1: Good. Two, Three, Four and Eleven will be Overseers, and Lead Researcher Tatiana will be… let's say "The Admiral." A second-in-command that will take charge if I'm ever out of commission, as she also knows a thing or two about 001-Y.

Researcher Kim: Might I ask what our plan is once we actually get this thing up and running.

O5-1: Survival.


O5-1: Whatever we may need to do, all of this is for the survival of the Foundation. To begin a new life. Enforce some other plane of existence.

Researcher Kim: This seems like a fool's task.

O5-1: If you do not like it, you may leave. I am not ordering you to come aboard this plane.

Researcher Kim leaves the area and reenters Site-51.

O5-1: All aboard. We're blasting off in several minutes.

Everyone begins to enter SCP-001-Y.

O5-2: What will become of Kim?

O5-1: I do not know, but I can probably assume…

Silence. All personnel sit down and fasten themselves to their seats.

O5-1: (Muffled) Are you all ready to live another day.

Incomprehensible noises, most likely presumed to be cheering.

O5-1: Let's set sail, haha!



This thing on? Testing, testing…

Alright, we're good. SCP-001-Y Personal Audio Log, day 1. O5-1 speaking. The Ship has successfully left our previous universe behind. The crew has agreed that this was the last time they would ever see their old homes. It was going to be their lasts, either way, so they made the right choice.

Currently, we are in this strange… dimension of sorts. I believe it's a Mesh between the different universes, if our studies on Multiverse Theory is correct. There's barely anything here, some matter here, some matter there, a particle over there, it's more empty than space. However, some of the matter that we've picked up around us is very slippery, it feels solid but acts like a gas. But also doesn't. We believe it's some form of bose-einstein condensate, but my crew's guess is as good as mine.

The Ship is holding up well. Nothing too major damage wise, just some scratches on the paint. All of the weapons are good, none of them need repairs. Supplies are plentiful enough for a solid 2 weeks, which will be enough to find ourselves a new universe to set up shop on. If it's barren, we'll hunt down animals, and get back on our feet before traveling to a new universe again, in search for humans.


Someone's telling me they spotted a large cluster of matter up ahead. We're going to investigate it.

Logging off.


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