Sub-Document Prime – The Ship
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Sub-Document Prime

The Ship

The beginning of the end.
Item Number: SCP-001-Y Level 5/001
Object Class: Thaumiel Classified

Threat Level: White


Image of SCP-001-Y in Flight mode, circa 2023.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-001-Y's primary purpose is the utilization of its functions to properly locate and secure anomalous phenomena. Due to the secrecy of the object and surrounding information, the O5 Council is directly responsible for the operations performed by SCP-001-Y and its crew. In addition, SCP-001-Y's crew is entirely composed of Clearance Level 3+ researchers and trusted Mobile Task Force members. All researchers and MTF assigned to SCP-001-Y are responsible for being capable of performing their duties, which is to be overseen by O5-1 ("Kolt Moor").

Upon the acquisition of an anomalous object, the item in question is to be transported to the engine room, before being stored in the cargo bay. This is to be performed by Assistant Head Researcher Josef Klein, or by D-Class if the object if capable of causing sufficient harm. Anomalous humanoids are to be subjected to similar treatment, with the exception of being contained temporarily within a standard humanoid containment cell instead. All anomalous objects and humanoids are to be transported to Site-58 as soon as possible for permanent containment.

In the event of a containment breach aboard SCP-001-Y, employees are to follow standard lock-down and retrieval procedures. For further details, please contact your superior or Head Researcher Kolt Moor.

Description: SCP-001-Y is an anomalous engine discovered in the nearby vicinity of Huntington, Massachusetts. SCP-001-Y's primary anomalous function is its ability to modify itself and its surrounding environment to the needs of the designated individual which operates it, based upon the function of objects introduced into its immediate area. Due to this property, SCP-001-Y has been utilized to operate a vehicle to secure anomalous object and integrate their anomalous properties within itself (henceforth under the same designation of SCP-001-Y).

SCP-001-Y is capable of switching between two primary modes of transportation — Flight mode and Watercraft mode. Flight mode takes the form of a modified Antonov An-22 military transport-vehicle, and is capable of reaching speeds of up to 1050 kph. In addition, Flight mode is equipped with 50 M2 Browning machine guns that are capable of 3200-3500 rpm and fire specialized Foundation-grade bullets.

It is unknown what SCP-001-Y's original purpose was.


"The mic is on, Mr. One. You may speak when ready."


Thank you. This may be some sort of a surprise to most of you, specifically, around 98% of you. The other 2% is begging me to get to the point, wondering when I will shut my bickering ass up.


The file you are looking at right now is a project we've been tooling around for roughly a decade now. A backup plan, a fail-safe to end all fail-safes. We do not know its original purpose, but its purpose as of right now, while I'm at the head of the Foundation, is for survival. The plane is leaving tomorrow at roughly 3 PM, in Site-51. Read the document attached below and get packing. We're only allowing 60 of you, to begin our new Foundation.



I suggest you bring as many things as your bags can carry.



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