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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter


A screen cap of the website. Image was blurred for ethical concerns.

Special Containment Procedures: -web crawler -investigation of location -participation in streams -identification of participants -retrieved body parts are to be incinerated

Description: SCP-XXXX is an live-stream website hosted on the darknet going by the name of "Limbinal". It allows the audience to purchase the body parts off of a live human (PoI-XXXX-A) through anomalous means. The site consists of a large header, the video player in which the live stream is shown, a chatbox on the right, a "Buy!" button, a physical and medical description of the current PoI-XXXX-A, as well as a list of rules and instructions.1 While its domain often changes, each begins with the words "Limbinal" and has the typical .onion top-level domain. The current URL is https://www.limbinalxiei73nbfia1hskeuf8.onion.

On the site, every few days a live stream is held, with the chat function usually being populated by over 20 unique anonymous users. How these users know when a live stream is about to start or what the current URL is, is unknown.

Below the live stream plugin, several rules are listed, which explain the order in which body parts go available to be bought. They are as follows:

BUY ORDER: Higher tiers can only be bought once the lower tiers are sold off! Premiums tiers can only be accessed by Premium Members!

Tier 1 : ($2,99 a piece) 2 Feet, 2 Hands, 10 Fingers, 10 Toes

Tier 2: ($50 a piece): 2 Upper Arms, 2 Forearms, 2 Thighs, 2 Lower Legs

Tier 3: ($200 a piece): 1 Stomach, 2 Kidneys, 1 Spleen, 1 Thyroid, 1 Liver, 1 Tongue, 1 Nose, 2 Ears,1 Small Intestine, 1 Large Intestine, 100000 Scalp Hair

Tier 4: ($1000 a piece): 1 Heart, 2 Eye Balls, 1 Torso (Empty), 1 Head (Empty), 1 Brain, 2 Lungs, 1 Reproductive System

Premium Tier ($30000): Full Human! You choose between live or in parts! Can be bought at any time!

When the "Buy!" button is clicked, a pop up appears that lets the user choose from one of the currently available items and pay the appropiate amount in cryptocurrency to an anonymous account2. When this is done, the chosen body part will immediatly demanifest from the victim on display in the stream. This will lead to heavy bleeding from the point where the body part was removed, but not to the death of the victim, if Tier 4 has not yet been reached. A few minutes later a container filled with dry ice and the chosen body part will manifest near the customer.

For a one-time payment of $10000 a "Premium Membership" can be acquired, which will enable the user to choose the "Full Human!" option. Doing so will let them choose between the options "Live" and "Parts". If "Parts" is chosen, the victim will demanifest completely and a number of containers corresponding to all listed body parts that have not yet been sold, will manifest near the customer. Choosing "Live" will instantly teleport the victim to within the close vicinity of the customer. Any body parts that had at this point already been sold off remain missing. Because of this, the victims frequently bleed out after teleporting, or require heavy medical attention.

A live stream starts with a new victim in the room. It ends once it, or all of its body parts have been sold off. This usually lasts around an hour, with the next stream starting few hours later. Due to this high frequency of new victims, the risk of bought victims arriving with deadly wounds and the high cost of the "Live" option, retrieval of the victims through this method has been deemed unfeasible for the Foundation and is currently not allowed outside of testing purposes.

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