Bonding Experience
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Item #: SCP-4699

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4699 is to be kept within an airtight canister with an interior lining of solidified argon at all times. SCP-4699's canister is to be kept in a chamber equipped with 7 automatic airlocks equipped with oxygen sensors. Under no circumstance is oxygen to enter the chamber or come into contact with SCP-4699. Personnel entering SCP-4699's chamber are to be given airtight suits equipped with oxygen canisters. Canisters are to be made with 5cm of steel as to prevent setting off the oxygen sensors. SCP-4699's canister is to be changed bi-weekly via pumping SCP-4699 into a new canister within an airlock. If SCP-4699 is ever able to exit its current canister outside of a canister exchange, all airlocks are to be automatically sealed if not already sealed. If SCP-4699 is able to exit its chamber without being sealed, a level 4 containment breach alarm is to be enacted until SCP-4699 is contained.

Description: SCP-4699 is currently 103 liters of animate oxygen atoms. SCP-4699 is capable of human-like speech through an unknown mechanism and enjoys conversation with both living and non-living objects. SCP-4699 shows great interest in making friends with all persons it encounters. When touched, SCP-4699 will bond to an object's surface or, in the case of living organisms, their respiratory organs. SCP-4699 has the voice and demeanor of a nine-year-old human and speaks in a Brittish accent.

SCP-4699 has extremely accelerated corrosion effects on all objects it comes into contact with. SCP-4699 is capable of quickly rusting all metals within hours and breaking down chemical bonds in living cells just as efficiently. Via testing, researchers discovered that solidified argon shows drastically slower corrosion time than all other forms of solid matter, lasting approximately 15 days. Any oxygen that comes into contact with SCP-4699 is immediately converted into an SCP-4699 atom. Introduction to other gases or liquids causes no corrosive reaction from SCP-4699.

Addendum: Recovery. SCP-4699 was discovered in the basement of known anartist Gerald Scotch. SCP-4699 was discovered inside Scotch's basement along with several other canisters of nonanomalous nonmetal gases and other rusted canisters during a routine search for anomalous items following his death. Several flowers and birthday cards were found at the base of SCP-4699's canister. Notably, a headstone was found in the backyard of Scotch's home, with the words "Joey Scotch, July 1878 - September 1883. My eternal sunshine." Inspection of the grave showed that, despite what appeared to be heavy water damage, no rusting had occurred to the metal hinges of the coffin. A small skeleton with its upper jaw and cranium missing was found inside.

Interview Log SCP-4699-01:

Interviewed: SCP-4699

Interviewer: Dr. Klapps

Foreword: An interview was conducted with SCP-4699 on 3.9.1994 in order to ascertain its origins and its state of mind. The interview was conducted using a remote speaker.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Klapps: Hello, SCP-4699.

SCP-4699: Hello? Are you speaking to me, mister? I believe you have my name wrong. My name is Joey, pleased to meet you. Would you like to be friends?

Dr. Klapps: Excuse me, I had your name wrong. I'd like to talk to you about your history.

SCP-4699: Why, I'd love to! I just adore being able to talk to people, even elders such as yourself!"

Dr. Klapps: Wonderful. Do you know why or how you became a cloud of gas?

SCP-4699: Cloud of gas? I beg your pardon? I've always been a normal boy.

Dr. Klapps: Interesting. Could you please tell us about your past? What were your parents like?

SCP-4699: My Parents? Why, you are very silly indeed. I've never had a mother, only Father. You're one of the servants here, yes? You should know this.

Dr. Klapps: Please answer the question, Joey.

SCP-4699: Was I being rude? Oh, I'm terribly sorry. Father has always been so very nice to me. We always play ball outside in the yard, and he always makes me the greatest toys for my birthday! Just last year he gave me the wooden doll over there on the shelf. It walks around and even talks! Father is the best!

Dr. Klapps: The shelf? Joey, there isn't a shelf on that wall.

SCP-4699: You don't see it? Does that mean the shelf fell over? Did the doll break? Don't worry, I'll go grab it!

SCP-4699's canister oxidates and falls apart

SCP-4699: (Louder) Why, it's right here! That's a funny coat you're wearing, isn't it?

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-4699 was recontained without incident. Conversation with SCP-4699 is strictly prohibited.

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