Books Are My Friends

Elena Retter tossed her hammer back inside her dorm room. She had just put the finishing touches on her Little Free Wanderer's Library, and now stepped back to admire her amateur carpentry. A small, red birdhouse-like box was now affixed to the wall beneath her room number. The front of the tiny structure was open, and inside were six books Elena had copied from the Wanderer's Library during her last expedition. Underneath the opening was a chiseled sign that read "Take a book, leave a book!"

The books she had chosen were ones she thought were either interesting or entertaining, like an atlas of nearby alternate timelines, or a report on alternate SCP Foundations that had been overthrown or been exposed to the world at large; she thought they were intriguing, at least. She just hoped others found them cool as well, otherwise she got all these permissions from the administrators for nothing.

Elena came back to her dorm room to find all of her books on the ground, scattered around her doormat. Ugh. Some people… she thought as she stooped down to pick them back up. It was only after picking up the load of books that she noticed there was one book still in the library. Not thinking much of it, she pushed the five books back onto the shelf; almost immediately, the five books rematerialized on the ground. It was only then that Elena thought to look at the book still on the wall.

"This book is antisocial don't give it friends :("

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