Doot Doot Toaster Suit

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Number Link Pun ??? ???
1 Wow a different site you traitor Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dies In part by ProasekProasek Either a completely straight played version of Diner, Drive-Ins, and Dives but anomalous or a parody of 2030. Not sure yet.
Two Tooterino Buckpipes It’s an old draft. I’ll rewrite it eventually. Sheep that have been turned into living bagpipes. Another big sheep shoots balls of wool out of pipes on its back that turn into more bagpipe sheep. Also my past attempt at creating a GoI.
★★★☆☆ What kinda object class is this? No News is Good News OR The Most Boring Day in History On hold for a while. April 11th, 1954. Statistically the most boring day in history. Numerous anomalous events and occurrences happened that counteracted/contained each other.
4th Would you believe your egg if I were to smonk a leg? Have You Been Scrombled? Completed A flyer made by GAW that describes a disease. The symptoms are just normal things people feel.
V Tuuuuuuune Death of an Industry This will take a long time. A dimension occupied by concepts of obsolete companies & tech involved with movies. Outside of the dimension is the concept of fame that corrupts people. Only people & concepts that are unknown can enter.
2+4 Shoots Occam’s Rifle Completed You’ll see once I’m done.
√49 Piracy 2.0 Rhut row [spoken in a Scooby Doo voice] Collab with LaneousLaneous The S.S. El Faro has come back to steal from movie rental stores with the help of the Scooby-Doo gang.
Acht Yeast and Desist The Sandwich Police Crit Required Exactly what it sounds like.
*Doots Menacingly* Who Killed Adolphe Sax? Ehhhhhhh A -J based off of SCP-3780 but it’s Adolphe Sax the creator of the saxophone. He keeps being attacked by some guy from the future who has a neighbor that won’t stop playing the saxophone at 3 am.
////////// Take Me Home Almost Heaven, West Virginia Completed A jukebox that changes its surroundings based on what song is playing, but it’s been set on Country Roads since we’ve found it.
Every Penny Helps

Ideas To Be Used In The Future
- Sandwich Police that inhabits Sandwich, Massachusetts. You can’t eat a sandwich without a sandwich license, which doesn’t exist. Officer has a loaf of bread for a face.
- S.S. El Faro, whose last words before sinking were Rut Roh in a Scooby-Doo voice. 5 crew members survived and were turned into different styles of animation. An old hand-drawn black & white cartoon trapped on the walls of a room, a cel-animated Shaggy reject, a cooperative Christmas claymation, an unfinished wire animatic, and an SFM freak.
- April 11th, 1954. Statistically the most boring day. Numerous anomalous events occurred counteracting each other preventing anything interesting from happening.
- GAW makes a flyer and distributes it claiming that people who suffered from various common feeling have something called “being scrombled.” The flyer looks like one of those surreal memes with the weird mannequin head in space. It’s not actually anomalous and is just a placebo effect/hypochondria, so it’s an -EX.
- Chekov’s gun full of Occam’s razors. You need to shoot it when you need to solve a problem, no matter how complex or simple. The razor will disappear and the quickest and simplest solution will occur.
- Jukebox that changes the environment around it based on what song is playing. Has been stuck on Country Roads for a while.
- Skating archer platypus that is an anti-weed mascot. Tries to be relatable to youth but shoots them and sends them straight to hell.
- A coffee machine that berates you if you use it to make anything other than coffee.
- dado recording device that shows everything recorded as a crude puppet show

Ideas That Aren’t Thought Out
- Scooby-Doo scenario where the killer just sucks at his job
- When will Ted finally show up to the Talk?
- A man who went back in time to invent running
- Something involving the Ambrose Goi
- Something that causes your face to turn into OwO faces
- Something involving overly specific targeted t-shirts
- Everyone who has owned one of the 13 crystal skulls has died weirdly because aliens were pissed about them faking supernatural events
- Literal pool table with ball fish and a card shark
- An island of people claiming to be Florida from the future that was cut off of the US
- Rewrite of 3268 as a bunch of sea animals getting human parts
- Disease that bends reality around it, but is only spread through the perception of the disease
- -J that is a special operation to fix the moon because it’s haunted
- Grimace the McDonald’s character as a grotesque creature
- Something that caused a bunch of songs to have their lyrics rewritten to describe apocalyptic events
- Loss.jpg is an infohazard
- Something with the government cheese mines
- Something with rage comics
- Tooth fairy but for all of your bones
- Twitter contests from an Eldritch abomination representing a Lovecraftan political party. Is very abrasive, so I can use my best insults.
- Space janitor that can only be written about in an author page format
- EA is evil
- Matt from Walmart
- Adding bees to a situation makes it better but actually not
- Something that feeds you spiders at night that’s a -J

The Death of an Industry
- 3462
- Place where irrelevant concepts and companies dealing with the film business end up when they “die” but it turns out our buddy Blockbuster escaped, killing his captor Dish on the way out. Only accessible to companies and things who are unknown or “not popular” and the world outside the place is corrupting and is the concept of fame.
- Fleisher Animation
- Betamax
- Rankin Bass after a while
- Keystone Studios
- Cel Animation
- The S.S. El Faro
- Video killed the Radio Star

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