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Item #: SCP-3173

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3173 is to be secured at Site-37 in a high class containment cell. The liquid it secretes is to be collected through an automatic collection vat positioned below SCP-3173. This liquid is to be continually stored in a Site-37 volatile liquids unit until a safe method of disposal or usage is devised.

The recovery of the remaining body mass of SCP-3173 is a top priority. The capturing and interrogation of enemy GOI units believed to have played a part in the death of SCP-3173 or believed to have any knowledge on the whereabouts of the remaining pieces of SCP-3173's body is considered a top priority.

SCP-3173-1 is to be used to track parts of SCP-3173.

All efforts are to be undergone to ensure that SCP-3173 is prevented from being reassembled. Any additional parts of SCP-3173 found are to be held in a separate containment cell at a different site. Under no circumstances are any of the parts to be introduced to each other.

Description: SCP-3173 is the body of Robert Bumaro, the former head of the Church of the Broken God.

While the circumstances regarding SCP-3173's death are unclear, the state of the body and conditions it was found indicate that SCP-3173 was killed in a battle.

The Foundation is currently only in possession of right arm, head, and part of the torso of SCP-3173, which only constitutes about 37% of SCP-3173's original body mass. The current whereabouts of the remaining body mass is currently unknown, but several other groups of interest (notably the Global Occult Coalition, the Church of the Broken God, and certain Sarkic sects) are suspected to be in possession of the remaining 63% of SCP-3173's body mass.

Tests have shown that SCP-3173's body is incredibly durable, with only anomalously enhanced strength tests being able to to even scratch the metal. Flexibility tests have shown that the metal is able to bend as much as 45 degrees before stopping, regaining its shape once the stress is released. Attempting to flex the metal past that point has resulted in failure in all tests.

It is unknown at this time what exactly the metal is made of.

SCP-3173's body secretes a golden substance composed primarily of hydrocarbons, oxygen and an as of yet unidentified substance, at a rate of about 100 ml per day. The substance burns slowly at incredibly high temperatures and in small quantities. It possesses extraordinary lubricating properties, produces no identifiable waste, and usage in prototypes has indicated that when used in batteries has an energy density 500x that of lithium ion.

Consumption of the liquid by any organic creatures is invariably fatal in all tests. Cause of death is the spontaneous generation of mechanical parts randomly within the subject, which quickly leads to organ failure. When used in mechanical devices in any way, the device will run faster

Discovery: SCP-3173 was recovered on 23-December-2013 when an entity identifying itself as Legate Trunnion (a high ranking member of the Church of the Broken God) appeared on the outskirts of Site-37, heavily injured and carrying SCP-3173.

Addendum-3173-1: On 23-December-2013, a field approximately 20 km in radius was the subject of a large scale battle between the Global Occult Coalition, a sect of Sarkicism, and the Broken Church.

The field is located in the center of what was once a large forest, and has been completely stripped of almost all organic materials. Formerly a mansion belonging to a 'James Von Smirch1' was located in the area but was completely destroyed. Due to the battle, the area is, at maximum, 23 meters below the surrounding land, is covered in random craters, and is almost completely devoid of all organic life. Fused metal comprises the majority of the surface of the area.

The area has been cut off from civilians and investigations are currently underway as to exactly what happened.

Two things are certain: There were no survivors from the battle and the area is where SCP-3173 was killed.

Below is a list of notable structures present or objects recovered:

Description of Item or Structure Properties Additional Notes
Large (20 m), sharp protrusions Each protrusion was made of bone and were heavily burned Studying the burn patterns, it is suspected that individuals were impaled on the bone and then were either struck off or incinerated in the same when the
'Nuclear Shadows2' surrounding the center of the field. Each shadow gives off elevated hume readings Suspected to be the remains of the GOC 'White Suit' strike team
Small (5-7 g) masses of flesh found underneath pieces of metal. The flesh found bore heavy similarities to the type of flesh found in SCP-610. Although the flesh was inert, all samples were incinerated.
A broken blade composed of hyper-compressed bone. The item displayed properties similar to the metal found in SCP-3173 The blade is suspected to have originated from a spear belonging to [REDACTED]
An immovable metal hammer present in the center of the field. The hammer is comprised of a substance identical to the metal found in SCP-3173 Due to the positioning of the hammer, it is suspected to have been the cause of the destruction to the area. Believed to have been the main weapon of Robert Bumaro.
SCP-3173's right arm present holding the hammer. The item has been confirmed to be a part of SCP-3173 and secretes the same substance as SCP-3173. Metals were found melted to the shoulder of the arm and was suspected to have been previously attached to an member of the Broken Church. When the arm was introduced to SCP-3173, it was perfectly fused with the rest of the body and ceased secreting the liquid.
A large mass of melted metal directly surrounding the hammer. Removing the metal has revealed structures very similar to those found in SCP-3173-1 instances and the deceased body of Legate Trunnion. Believed to have been the person who had attached the arm to themselves.

Through the materials found and the testimony of Legate Trunnion, a list of the suspected events has been created in the order that they were thought to have occurred.

  • Robert Bumaro is murdered through some unknown means.
  • Legate Trunnion discovers the body.
  • Through some unknown means, Robert Bumaro's body is broken.
  • Sarkicist assailants attack the area.
  • Due to the close proximity to SCP-2217, a GOC envoy is sent to the area.3
  • The three sides break out into fighting over the pieces of Robert Bumaro.
  • Trunnion is heavily injured and escapes with the largest piece of Bumaro's body.
  • The remaining forces continue to fight.
  • The right arm of Bumaro is used to activate the hammer, destroying most, if not all, of the remaining assailants.

Investigations are currently underway to discover the whereabouts of the remaining pieces, the exact details of the conflict, and the identify of the party that murdered SCP-3173.

Based off of the testimony of Legate Trunnion and the remains of the battlefield, it is suspected that the reassembly of SCP-3173 could result in an XK-Class end of the world scenario.

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