Item Number: SCP-XXXX

Containment Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: GOI-1184 (The brothers of the batter)1 Has attempted to breach foundation security frequently it is unknown at this time how GOI-1184 gains information about the foundation2. SCP-XXXX is to be kept behind a locked vault door in site-██ guarded by at least two armed guards at all times. If any members of GOI-1184 enter site-██ all on-site security are permitted to use lethal force. Any foundation staff attempting to consume SCP-XXXX are to be given a psych evaluation and transferred to a different site.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a two layered "devils food" cake it is currently is at 5/8 of its original size, SCP-XXXX does not spoil or grow mold. SCP-XXXX has changed owners no less than twenty times in the past ten years and is not currently held by the foundation. SCP-XXXX has been the cause of at least two separate wars and one rebellion. Ownership of SCP-XXXX currently lies with the"DPRK" (Democratic Peoples Republic Of Korea) in the past, SCP-XXXX has been owned by multiple gois, including but not limited to, The Chaos Insurgency, Ambrose Restar. SCP-XXXX is always described as "The best cake in the universe" by those who have consumed it, it is unknown if this is a property, of SCP-XXXX or a coincidence, SCP-XXXX is extremely addictive anybody who consumes it will wish to do so again, but will always find that they are unable to do so. In all recorded cases this has resulted in the consumer of SCP-XXXX to gradually

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