Cal Bold

Name: Cal Bold

Clearance Level: 4

History: Cal was born and raised in an LDS family along his brother, David. He graduated from college and became a lab researcher before joining the Foundation shortly after his brother.

His first major incident took place shortly after being placed in charge of his first SCP object. SCP-4745 breached containment, and while trying to escape, Cal was "improved" by SCP-212. Secretly, Cal was able to stop the breach, but his cowardice resulted in his choosing to try and flee.

Cal eventually took control of SCP-4456. He remarked that the object, being difficult and expensive to contain, would be better destroyed. He lobbied to bring back the outdated process of Decommissioning under a small department, and after an O5 vote, his department was approved and he successfully Decommissioned SCP-4456-D.

Shortly afterwards, his brother died, in an event believed to be connected to SCP-5018.

Personality: Cal is a well-meaning and competent individual, but often slow to trust, even paranoid at times. His deepest fear is that the Decommissioning Dept. will fall into the hands of someone less capable or more malicious, and trusts only himself to run the department. He knows that the department, despite its size, is quite powerful in the right circumstances, and misuse could be disastrous.

Skills: Cal is an experienced researcher who is familiar with the anomalous. His experiences with Foundation bureaucracy and politics mean that he is remarkably skilled at operating independently, subtly and easily carrying out his own agenda.

Anomalous Properties: None. However, his department has been given control of Decommissioned SCP objects, both past and present, which means he has some control over objects such as SCP-547-D's gauntlets.

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