Calibri Bold's Mega Cool Minecraft Server


Alright fellow gamers.

This here is my Minecraft server, and it's mega cool.

You can check it out, provide some crit, but there are some rules:

  1. No griefing.
  2. Cereal goes before the milk.
  3. I am the CEO of Site-19.
  4. No racists or sexists or anything like that; basically, the only "ist" allowed here is Indian Standard Time, and it's on thin ice Indian Standard Time is now banned from my Minecraft server.
  5. Have some candy corn.
  6. No touching my notebook.

Current Drafts

The Power Of Faith


Left Forgotten

Wikipedia Editor


The Epic of Gamer Milk

Citrus in Orbit (128 words)


OK Boomer

Test Thingy

Future Project Ideas

I Don't Know Anthing (beat 4780 and 4465)

Nephi Class

All The Photographs

Infinite Dog Walk Collab

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