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SCP-5555-J attempting to sell a researcher a Henokan anomaly class.

Item #: SCP-2212-J

Object Class: Safe (SCP-2212-J is not actually Safe, but the Foundation has not purchased the relevant object class and has no plans to do so.)

Special Containment Procedures: Anyone found to have purchased something from SCP-2212-J is to be assigned to Keter Duty, administered Class-A amnestics, shot, assigned to Keter Duty again, administered Class-C amnestics, and then returned to regular duties after being reminded that the Foundation currently has no more need of SCP-2212-J .

Description: SCP-2212-J is a humanoid resembling a male Caucasian human in a gray business suit. SCP-2212-J claims to be a salesman specializing in the sale of object classes.

SCP-2212-J will aggressively attempt to contact foundation personnel in the middle of creating new SCP files, either through hacking into secure lines, smuggling letters into their internal site mail boxes, or sheets of paper wrapped around bricks that are then thrown through the nearest window.

SCP-2212-J will attempt to sell researchers one or more containment classes for the anomaly they are currently in the process of making a file for, persuading them that "these new classes will really get some eyes on your skip [sic]!" While junior researchers tend to accept or refuse on a case by case basis, there appears to be a disproportionately higher amount of sales made to senior personnel, with concepts such as Heimal, Apollyon, and Archon appearing in a number of their files.

Discovery: SCP-2212-J first manifested to the O5 Council on 20/03/19██, selling them the Safe, Euclid and Keter classes. Later O5-14 would purchase the Thaumiel designation from SCP-2212-J without permission, telling the rest of the council "But what if we made the box the anomaly, guys? It would be so cool!"

O5-14 was beaten to death by the rest of the council, followed by the permanent retirement of their overseer's number.

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