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thr0w4w4y1 11/08/13 (Friday) 22:07:45 #56100871

Sorry in advance for using a throwaway account. It's the only way I feel safe telling this story and asking for advice as to what to do.

I'm a senior at my high school. For as long as I've been here, there's been a class that every single student has to take every year that they're attending the school in order to graduate. The class is called HOPE (Hang On Pain Ends unofficially), and it's basically just your average physical education/health class. At least, it was, until physical education was removed from the situation entirely due to the gym being completely shut down out of the blue.

Nobody really knows why the gym was completely locked up the way that it was, but it's been that way for just over a month now. It's blocked off with guards monitoring every possible entrance to the gym. People in HAZMATs come and go as well.

The official statement regarding the shutdown of the gym is that there's some sort of serious issue with the piping. As far as I can tell, their story only kinda checks out.

Water leaks out from underneath the doors of the gym. Decent amounts of it, too, like when you leave the shower curtain on the wrong side of the shower and water just fills up at the floor of the bathroom. Anybody who questioned it was just told that it was normal and that maintenance was working on it.

This was towards the beginning of the school year. Anybody who has HOPE just has to sit in a classroom and learn about the human body. There's always been something up with the way that the teachers taught us, though— the unusual repetition of learning the health and weaknesses of the human eye.

We are seriously spending an absurd amount of time repeating the same things over and over again regarding how to take care of your eyes, what to do if your eye is injured (and they covered a lot of possible injuries), how to strengthen your eyesight, all of that stuff. Even if we had already covered it, we'd just go over it again and again. We barely spend time on anything else.

Nobody else really put any thought into the constant mentioning and learning into the human eye, but when I mentioned it, the people I asked tended to agree with me. To this day, we're still focusing on the human eye in our HOPE classes.

Earlier this month, I noticed an unusual amount of HAZMAT and security entering and exiting the gym in a hurry. Of course, water flowed out with them at their feet, but it was a lot more than usual. It was so much that it was genuinely creating mud outside of the gym doors which led outside and ended up completely flooding the hallway near the doors which led inside. I was super desperate to get a look but I couldn't see anything inside, just water on the floor and people scurrying in and out.

What really scared me though was a high-pitched, distorted scream which came right before an absurd amount of water blasted out of the doors leading outside. At that point, all of the staff were doing everything they could to shut the gym doors and keep them shut. The school was evacuated shortly after because they thought serious flooding was going to happen. We were all sent home not knowing what the hell was going on.

The scream was the most ear-piercing thing I've ever heard; it was like a mixture between animal and human, something that most people would quiver just hearing in a movie. I really can't describe it with words, but just know that it was terrible, and it didn't sound entirely human.

We got a week off because they said they needed extra time or something like that towards fixing the piping problems in the gym. Then, when we all came back the next week, the only thing that could be heard from the gym was excessively loud machinery. A bunch of pounding and what sounds like metal scraping.

Of course, the school is telling us not to worry about it and it's all just a process of finally getting our gym back again.

Am I being crazy? I seriously feel like there's something going on inside of that gym, and that scream really convinced me. Then again, I don't want to get possible trespassing charges or referrals or any of that dumb shit if I'm not actually going to expose anything. What do you guys think? Is it worth it to investigate further or should I just wait it out?

freckledfrog 11/08/13 (Friday) 23:11:02 #56100879

I'm going to be as blunt with you as possible; you are overreacting and I have no shred of doubt about it. Literally everything you described above can be explained without taking the paranormal into account.

Let's dig into this.

Like you said, their story is believable, and that's because it's something that happens all the time. Piping is something that can blow unexpectedly and it can take a while to fix. The guards are to keep people from being hurt and the HAZMAT is probably to avoid some nasty liquids which could pour from those burst pipes.

The scream could've just been someone who was reacting appropriately to a serious increase in water from the broken pipes which knock people over; or, more likely, a collection of screams from the staff who experienced that sudden "blowout," if you will.

Don't know why you brought up the eye shit. Seems irrelevant to what you're trying to unveil.

Sorry bud. I doubt anything's going on here.

pepsilord 11/08/13 (Friday) 23:29:41 #56100880

OP, throwing my own opinion out there— go with your gut.

You know what you heard, we don't. Just do keep in mind that paranoia and a want for the supernatural can definitely throw your senses out of wack and make you think that you're seeing or hearing things you aren't seeing. The distortion of the scream could've totally been in your head.

Like you said, this doesn't seem to be something that's worth getting in trouble for. But if you have this itch that won't go away, then the only thing you can do is scratch it.

Stay out of trouble, OP. I'll be here awaiting further updates on the story.

thr0w4w4y1 11/09/13 (Saturday) 00:01:20 #56100884

Looking back on it, I don't know why I brought up the eye thing. I just thought it was weird and that there might be a possibility of symbolism or something. I don't know, that's why I came here.

I'll be back in school when the weekend's over. I'll update the thread then with any new discoveries regarding the gym.

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