Casual day on the Drafts and Critique forums.

As I laid my finger on the mouse pressing post, my heart stopped beating as I clicked refresh. Zyn had posted an essay on why my draft was gay in less than a second, just as expected, Zyn is a 90% caffeine super-human after all. I read the post and it stated, "Your draft is gay, this would work better as a joke SCP, also it is unfinished."

But it was not a joke SCP, and at this moment I realized I forgot to indent my paragraphs in this tale one sec-

But it was not a joke SCP, and it was not unfinished. Zyn had gotten everything wrong, I replied with a newbie salty post stating "WeLl wHaT dO YOu kNoW, yOu mUm geY!!11! Well, that is how I got my permaban, Zyn does not play around.

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