SCP-638 Rewrite
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Item #: SCP-638

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All known instances of SCP-638 are contained in Containment Zone 638 in the Autonomous Monastic State of Mount Athos, under the supervision of Reliquary Site-37. No female mammals (including personnel who were assigned female at birth) are to enter Containment Zone 638, except as needed to maintain the SCP-638 population. SCP-638 instances located outside of Foundation containment are to be relocated to Containment Zone 638; non-human SCP-638-A instances are to be terminated, and human SCP-638-A instances are to be treated with Class-C amnestics and returned to their closest living relatives with standard cover stories 06A ("brain damage"), 06B ("trauma-induced amnesia"), 09B ("cult indoctrination"), and/or 13C ("human trafficking"), as appropriate.

Description: SCP-638 is a species of anomalous hominid indigenous to Greece, Anatolia, and the Caucasus. Adult SCP-638 instances are similar in appearance to adult male humans, although slightly smaller, with an average height of 1.6m and average weight of 60 kg; despite this, SCP-638 instances tend to be notably stronger than humans of similar build. Juvenile SCP-638 instances are covered in coarse dark brown or black hair, which is thickest on their legs and heads; beginning at around nine years of age, juvenile instances steadily lose their hair in regular periods of shedding, and by the time they reach sexual maturity around twelve years of age, almost all of this hair is gone save for patches on their head, chest, and groin.

SCP-638 instances display a level of intelligence similar to other contemporary primates. They are capable of understanding and mimicking human speech to some degree, and individual SCP-638 instances that are regularly exposed to humans tend to develop a vocabulary of 50-100 words, which they use to communicate with humans and other SCP-638 instances; wild instances will little or no exposure to humans will mimic the vocalizations of other animals.

SCP-638 instances are able to emit pheromones that cause significant behavioral changes in female mammals. Affected mammals, designated SCP-638-A, view the instance whose pheromones they were first exposed to as an object of reverence; human SCP-638-A instances describe a combination of romantic love and religious devotion, and non-human instances exhibit pack- or herd-bonding behaviors. SCP-638-A instances will gather food and hunt prey for their bonded SCP-638 instance, and will occasionally engage in sexual contact with it; if their bonded SCP-638 instance is threatened, SCP-638-A instances will defend it without concern for their own safety. SCP-638-A instances display reduced inhibitions, impaired judgement, and a lack of fine motor control, and human SCP-638-A instances have consistently compared the effects of SCP-638's pheromones with the effects of alcohol. The effects of SCP-638's pheromones fade over time, with total recovery after 6 days without exposure observed in all recorded cases.

SCP-638 instances reproduce by implanting SCP-638-A instances with a fertilized gamete. The implanted gamete attaches to the SCP-638-A instance's uterine wall, and mimics a normal pregnancy; after approximately twenty weeks, however, the SCP-638-A instance will enter labor, and will give birth to the still relatively-undeveloped fetus. At this point, the SCP-638 instance will place the fetus into a marsupial-like pouch located in its groin, where it will live for six to nine months, feeding from the parent instance's nipples as it develops fully. After this point, the juvenile will be weaned onto a solid diet by its parent, until it is able to gather food and hunt on its own or alongside its parent's pack of SCP-638-A instances.

In the wild, SCP-638 live in small packs consisting of a single adult instance and some number of juveniles and SCP-638-A instances, which hunt prey and gather fruit for the adult. Adult SCP-638 instances are highly territorial; when a juvenile reaches maturity, it will leave its parent's pack with some number of SCP-638-A instances, usually including the instance that birthed it. If territory or SCP-638-A instances are scarce, the juvenile may instead challenge its parent for control of the pack; these fights are almost always to the death.


SCP-638-1 at time of recovery.

Addendum 638-1: Discovery and Initial Containment: SCP-638 was first contained in 1953, after the Hellenic Gendarmerie received reports of a cult leader with the ability to control women's minds from a census taker investigating a remote mountain village in the Citheraeon range. By the time Foundation personnel responded, a local militia had already set fire to the cult's compound and were searching for the individual in question; Foundation personnel located the supposed cult leader in a cave several miles from the compound, covered in severe burns from the fire. The properties of its anomalous pheromones were confirmed when several Foundation personnel became SCP-638-A instances, and it was contained as SCP-638 (this initial instance is now designated SCP-638-1) .

SCP-638-1 had a vocabulary composed primarily of the archaic Boeotian dialect of Greek; it is currently hypothesized that its lineage had been an object of devotion in the area since the 4th or 5th century BCE, and that Boeotian was preserved by its worshipers as a liturgical language. The cult centered around SCP-638-1 was composed primarily of human SCP-638-A instances, with several male priests who controlled the SCP-638-A instances' access to SCP-638-1; many of the cult's practices involved ritual sexual activity with both the priests and SCP-638-1, and the sacrifice of animals whose meat would be fed to SCP-638-1.

It was initially believed that SCP-638-1 was sapient, and simply refused to speak except to give one- or two-word commands. Interrogation of SCP-638-1 to determine the source of its anomalous abilities continued until a second pack of SCP-638 was discovered in the Elâzığ province of Turkey in 1972 and it was realized that SCP-638 was not sapient. Current containment procedures were instituted in 1973.

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This is a rewrite of the original SCP-638, written by Skali SharpnoseSkali Sharpnose. The core of the concept was "an anomalous entity that inspired the myth of Dionysus"; I took the last paragraph about there being more instances of this thing out there and just ran with it. this treats the original 638 (except for the Very Loud Shots and the regeneration) as the initial containment documentation, and then asks the question "wait what if this guy is more like a chimp that can mimic speech than a human" . it's an in-universe rewrite basically.

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