Beam Myself Into the Future
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How on earth, thought Dame Iphegenia Walpole-Smythe, Oecumenicus Volgi of the Ancient and Noble Order of the Gormogons, did we make being the secret world government so bloody boring?

This was not the first time she had thought this, and it would not be the last. Since her promotion, the result of a horrific training accident that had left her predecessor thoroughly maimed in both body and soul, she had sat through fifteen meetings of the Council of 108, the ruling body of the Global Occult Coalition; and every one of them had been an advanced course in mind-numbing bureaucracy.

At the moment, the representative from the United Church of Satan, Scientist had the floor. He was delivering one of his atheistic rants, as usual; something about the dangers of man-made gods, the supremacy of human will over the divine, the moral imperative to kill the creator, et cetera, et cetera. Iphegenia had heard it all before, every time a parareligion gained any sort of prominence, and did not need to hear it again. She leaned over to her neighbor - Elder Shibulon Kimball, of the Secret Combination of Godantion Robbers and Murderers - and whispered, "Why did we ever let the Satanists in, again?"

Shibulon jumped in surprise - he must've been sleeping with his eyes open, and Iphegenia didn't blame him - and replied, "Well, you have to admit, they were right the first time. About the whole new demiurge thing. Gave them some political clout back in the '40s." He yawned, and tried to stretch as unobtrusively as possible. "And their antitheurges are mighty handy in the field. Did you read that report on the Type White that manifested in Los Angeles last February? Liquidated within a few hours by a pair of their operatives. Overlapping negative-theology fields, some real powerful conceptual work."

Global Occult Coalition Resolution 40/17

The Council of 108,

Reaffirming the importance of the paratechnology industry to the success of all five primary missions,

Recognizing the dangers posed by the paratechnology industry to the Second Mission, that of Concealment,

Convinced that the existence of one or more Second Mission Exclusion zones is necessary for the continued survival of the paratechnology industry,

Also convinced that branch-universes and pocket-dimensions, being easily isolated from public knowledge and access, are ideal locations for Second Mission Exclusion Zones,

Recalling its resolution 142 (III) of 18 November 1948, on the establishment of a Second Mission Exclusion Zone in the Free City of Three Portlands,

Concerned about the spread of the Maxwellist sect of the Mechanite religion in the Free City of Three Portlands, especially within the paratechnology industry,

Recalling also its resolution 37/28A-C of 9 December 1982, on the threat to the Second Mission posed by the emergent Maxwellist sect, the

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