Revolution Earth

Revolution Earth

Romance and Betrayal in the Chaos Insurgency

The Engineer - Has a hole in their head. Former Foundation personnel. Compelled by the hole to give prophecies to Delta Command, which are then compiled into the steps of the Plan. Original name unknown, possibly unknowable. Was once a woman.

The Hole - A gap in the universe. A nothingness that thinks and hates. Screams its pattern into the world using the Engineer as a conduit. When things go into it, they never existed.

Delta Command - Twelve individuals who meet semi-regularly to record the Engineer's prophecies and interpret them into the steps of the Plan. Some are former Foundation, some are not. Almost all of them have anomalous abilities. Codenames derived from Greek mythology.

MTF Yod-5 ("Sentry Down") - The Foundation task force dedicated to hunting down the Engineer. The main reason they move around so much.

Chaos Insurgency structure - Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta operatives. Individuals know only their subordinates, their immediate superior, and any others of their rank that they must work with. Cells are usually composed of 3 to 5 Alphas led by a Beta; Gammas coordinate operations on city-wide or regional levels.

Delta Command:

  • The Engineer: a guru
  • Delta-Ajax: a priest
  • Delta-Briseis: a waitress
  • Delta-Ganymede: a psychic
  • Delta-Daedalus: an artist
  • Delta-Electra: a scientist
  • Delta-Zephyrus: a criminal
  • Delta-Heracles: a soldier
  • Delta-Thetis: an assassin
  • Delta-Iris: a photographer
  • Delta-Cassandra: a seer
  • Delta-Laocoon: a thaumaturge
  • Delta-Menelaus: a philosopher

The Original Delta Command:

  • The Engineer: a side-effect
  • Delta-Alecto: a bureaucrat (DECEASED)
  • Delta-Briseis: an oligarch
  • Delta-Gaia: an explorer (MISSING)
  • Delta-Diomedes: a commander (DECEASED)
  • Delta-Hector: a murderer (DECEASED)
  • Delta-Zeus: a demigod (RECONTAINED)
  • Delta-Hephaestus: a father (RETIRED)
  • Delta-Theseus: a therapist (MISSSING)
  • Delta-Iris: a prisoner
  • Delta-Kronos: a legend (IMPRISONED)
  • Delta-Laocoon: a traitor
  • Delta-Menelaus: a good man
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