Blind to the Big Surprise

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The Club's sitting room was quiet. Gentlemen lounged in their comfortable armchairs and read the financial papers, drinking cocktails and smoking cigars. Well-dressed stewards stood unobtrusively along the walls, watching attentively for the slightest lift of a finger or tilt of a head that might indicate one of their charges needed a refill or a bite to eat. The median age was somewhere in the mid-60s, and only the most junior of the stewards was younger than 45. The sitting room was a refuge from the bustle of the City outside, a place where its inhabitants could wall themselves off from the high-stakes world of business for a few hours; women, conversation, and cell phones were all strictly prohibited, and breaking any of the rules was punishable by exile, a fate worse than death for many of the members. If heaven - as a great poet once said - is a place where nothing ever happens, then the sitting room truly was a little slice of paradise.

There was a racket out in the hallway. The gentlemen were annoyed, but such things happened; the Club's other business ventures occasionally led to conflict with any number of rough customers,

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tags: tale marshall-carter-and-dark third-law

title from "private idaho" by the b52s.

  • Amos and Rupert tell Percival the bad news (When Situations Degenerate)
  • Iris encounters Skitter Marshall and Alphonse Cartier (Get Out Of Her Way)
  • Skitter and Alphonse report back to Amos and Rupert (Blind to the Big Surprise)
  • Iris learns about MC&D, goes into hiding
  • The First Compact (They Laid Down the Law)
  • Iris is made Dark


  • 1968-1972: Percival Dark attends ICSUT Portlands.
  • 1972: Unbeknownst to him, Percival Dark's son, Charles Black, is born.
  • 1975: Percival Dark is made Dark. Amos Marshall and Rupert Carter become Senior Partners of MC&D.
  • 1976: Aaron Czarnacki finishes hunting down the entire Schwarz family for collaborating with Nazi party.
  • 1977: GOC strike team kills Aaron Czarnacki.
  • 1986: Negrescu family purged by Ceausescu.
  • 1991: Duncan MacDuff kills wife, sons, self.
  • 1995: Kurokawa Masuyo dies during Aum Shinrikyo subway attacks.
  • 1999: Charles Black's daughter, Iris, is born.
  • 2010: Lenoir mansion disappears into bayou, whole family goes with it.
  • 2012: Charles Black dies from brain cancer.
  • 2014: Iris Black starts school at Deer College.
  • June 2015: Yin and Jianhong Li are assassinated.
  • May 1, 2016: When Situations Degenerate
  • September 16, 2016: Get Out Of Her Way
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