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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The area around the reef where SCP-XXXX manifests has been declared a restricted military testing area and off-limits for maritime travel. Foundation vessels are to patrol the area and enforce a 10 km perimeter around the reef to prevent any possible sightings. Any passing ships need to redirect appropriately. Research teams are to only approach the entity during weather conditions that allow a safe approach.

Update of 10/11/19██: At least once per year, an unmanned ship made from biodegradable materials is to be remotely piloted into the reef and collided with it in a way that causes sufficient damage to the ship's hull to result in sinking. Each ship is to be outfitted with a dummy crew made from similar materials. Under no circumstances is this to be done during an active manifestation.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an entity that manifests in the reef located at [LOCATION]. It manifests as a ship consistent in appearance with frigate designs of mid-18th century England. The ship is engulfed in flames but does neither sink, nor is any degradation in it's structure visible. No crew has been observed on the ship. Attempts to board and investigate the apparition have been unsuccessful, as the ship is non-corporeal and does not react to any stimuli, save for changing weather conditions.

In order for SCP-XXXX to manifest, one of the following weather conditions must be present.

  • Heavy rain or fog that reduces sight to below approximately 50 meters
  • High winds with waves of at least 3 meters on the open sea

When one of these conditions is met, SCP-XXXX appears and acts as a warning beacon in an apparent effort to steer ships away from the reef. According to historical records the area was notorious for a high amount of shipwrecks due to ships running into the reef during bad weather conditions. The records also show that the amount of accidents drastically dropped in the middle to late 18th century (pinpointing the exact year where the change took place proved impossible due to inconsistent records from differing sources).

SCP-XXXX came to Foundation attention when it was encountered by a Foundation vessel engaged on an unrelated mission. Containment procedures were established in October 1951 after initial research revealed the entity to be unresponsive to outside influences.

Addendum XXXX-A: Five years after initial containment, it was noted that SCP-XXXX no longer manifested during the previously stated weather conditions. It was theorized that the lack of maritime traffic and the resulting drop of shipwreck incidents to zero caused the anomaly to become inactive. However, it could not be determined whether the anomaly had ceased activities completely or if it moved to a different place. Due to this uncertainty, efforts were undertaken to effect a re-emergence of the anomaly.

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