Bees: It's a little known fact that a bee's venom contains 17 different natural chemicals that increase fat burning, general vitality and the drive to exercise. As little as 10 live bees, consumed after every meal (500 kcal max) will speed up your weight loss process by 300%! Higher dosages can be even more effective, so don't waste any more time and get your first delivery today! Just remember to chew carefully.

Fingernails: Fingernails are the only part of the human body that never stop growing. It doesn't take a genius to realize that this makes them the perfect sustainable food source to snack on whenever your hunger pains you and you're jonesing for a Cheeseburger. Not only are they incredibly low on calories, their naturally filling properties will get rid of hunger faster than any weight loss supplement you tried before! Sign up now for the first of [NAME]'s courses for just 79.99$ and learn how to lose weight and become completely self-sufficient in your food supply at the same time!

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