Item #: SCP-XX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: To reduce the number of traumatic head injuries in the general population, funding is being provided to any company or research institution that is working on increasing vehicle or traffic safety. If a new product that can help further this goal is being released, Foundation assets worldwide are instructed to undertake efforts to maximise the distribution of this product.
Every person affected by SCP-XX is to be given a standard humanoid containment cell with medical and nursing staff available around the clock. In cases where additional injuries prevent the victim to consume food in a regular manner they are to be administered intravenous sustenance twice a day. Additionally, each cell needs to be outfitted with a grand piano for the affected person to use during an active phase. Each phase is to be recorded and archived for research purposes. Staff are permitted to attend performances during active phases, as long as they are not currently on active duty.
Foundation agents have been embedded in hospitals, psych wards and other mental care institutions to identify people affected by SCP-XX. If such a person is found, they are to be removed from the general population and put into foundation care in accordance with the aformentioned procedures.

Description: SCP-XX is a phenomenom that can affect any person who suffers a traumatic head injury, provided this person is proficient at playing the piano. Affected subjects enter a catatonic state that Foundation efforts have so far been unable to affect or reverse. They will follow basic instructions like consuming food that is put in front of them or lying down on a bed when told to but are otherwise unresponsive, including not eating out of their own volition and not reacting to pain stimuli. As of [date of posting] there are ████ subjects affected by SCP-XX in Foundation care.

At any given time, exactly one subject is undergoing an active phase. During this time, they will seek out the nearest piano and begin to play. If a subject undergoing an active phase is prevented from accessing a piano, they will grow increasingly distressed and try to get to a piano by any means. When playing the piano, the subjects are reported to do so at an extremely high skill level, often considerably higher than what they were capable of before, and without requiring written sheet music. This includes playing compositions that were not yet written at the time of the subject's accident.

The active phase does not end until the subject either gains access to a piano, at which point they will play for any time between fifteen minutes and several hours, or until the subject loses consciousness from overexertion, dehydration or injuries sustained during the attempt to find a piano. Once the phase ends, the subject resumes their previous unresponsive behaviour and a different subject begins an active phase.

Artificially inducing the loss of consciousness for a subject undergoing an active phase is effective in ending the phase and switching it to a different subject. However, previous efforts to contain SCP-XX by keeping every subject in a medically induced coma have led to a dramatic increase in accidents leading to head injuries among piano players, leading to the cancellation of the experiment and establishment of the current containment procedures.

Addendum: On 5/14/2016, subject ████ ██████, at that point in Foundation care for 4 years, performed Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 29 in B-flat major with several off-duty staff members in attendance. It was later discovered, that the performance took place at the exact same time at which critically acclaimed pianist Yuja Wang performed the same composition in Carnegie Hall, New York City. Analysing the recordings of both performances revealed that they are completely identical, despite being performed on different models of piano and in rooms with different acoustic properties.
When previous recordings of SCP-XX active phase performances where analysed after this incident it was discovered that a large number of them where identical in the same way to public performances of internationally renowned pianists. Involvement of these pianists in SCP-XX has been ruled out by a follow-up investigation. Whether or not performances that do not coincide with public concerts also have a counter-part in the general population is unknown at this point.

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