Chapter 4: No Spill Blood


Chapter 1: It's a New Generation
Chapter 2: We Close Our Eyes
Chapter 3: Right to Know
Chapter 4: No Spill blood
Chapter 5: Goodbye-goodbye


Placeholder looked sideways at Umen, his eyebrow raised. "Lemme get this straight - there's a deranged fucking monkey chasing us and tossing chainsaws at us, and you want me to change the fucking track!? Where the hell are your priorities?"

Umen sighed as a flying chainsaw grazed the station wagon's driver's side window. "I don't have time to explain. Just do it."

Placeholder grumbled and pressed the "Seek Track" arrow on the dashboard until he hit track 7 - no title was displayed but an icon of three crescent moons. A persistent march beat, beginning faintly but slowly growing in volume, started to emanate from the car's speakers. Dune's head perked up, and a simultaneously concerned and confused expression crossed his face.

"This - this isn't what I think it is, is it?"

Umen gritted his teeth. "It sure is."

"Pardon my French, but how the fuck did you get your hands on SCP-5319?"


Dune's cry of "TURN IT THE FUCK UP!" was the last thing Bright heard before his simian ears were assaulted by the sound of 1,000 Corbenicians singing high praise to JALAKÅRA. With a screech, Bright dropped his chainsaw and put his hands to his ears as his body burst into flame.

Within Umen's station wagon, Isle thrashed their hair from side to side and made the sign of the horns as Bright's screaming ceased and the flames on his body raged on.


Isle inched closer and closer to the amulet, its magnetism drawing them to it, its whispers filling their mind - though not much more than a hunk of slag with a cracked ruby in its center, its power remained, and Isle could feel it surging through them as they approached. That which had cursed Bright for all these years - the power of immortality.

Before anyone could stop them, Isle wrapped their hand around the amulet and slipped the chain over their head. Dune cried out, and gestured to the other two to raise their weapons at the hunched form. As they looked on, Isle - or was it Bright? - slowly turned and stood, laughing faintly at first, then progressing into a sinister cackle.

"You fuckers! You absolute idiots!" Bright continued to laugh as they picked up their chainsaw and brandished it towards the four men. "Did you really think you'd be able to beat me with just that stupid fucking song? Did you really think I'd let you go that easily? Did you think this necklace would let me go that easily? You need a lesson in-" Isle snickered and dropped the chainsaw - "nah, I'm just fucking with you. This thing's busted as hell."

Dune rolled his eyes as Placeholder and Umen lowered their guns. "We knew.

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