Character Tag List

Tags indicating that a specific character appears within the tale or scp article. See this thread for further details.
51174 - 51174: D-Class personnel, formerly Agent Trauss.
aaron-siegel - Aaron Siegel: May or may not be O5-1, and the original Administrator.
able - Able, or SCP-076: Former member of MTF Omega-7 ("Pandora's Box").
adrian-baudin - Adrian Baudin
agent-green - Agent Green: Anart specialist, former GOC agent.
agent-kazmarek - Agent Travis Kazmarek
agent-laferrier - Agent V.A. LaFerrier: We don't know much about them, sorry.
agent-lament - Agent Troy Lament: Secretly high-ranking agent, former assistant to Dr. Gears.
agent-merlo - Agent Sasha Merlo: Cyber Operations Specialist.
agent-navarro - Agent Daniel Navarro: "Wizard," former PoI.
agent-strelnikov - Agent Dmitri Strelnikov: Retired agent, former leader of MTF "Red Dawn".
agent-yoric - Agent Yoric Elroy, aka Jack "Poor Yoric" Dawkins
alexei-belitrov - Alexei Belitrov, or SCP-2273
aldon - Aldon
allison-eckhart - Allison Eckhart
big-cheese-horace - Big Cheese Horace of the Fifthists
bobble-the-clown - Bobble The Clown, or SCP-993
bones - Bones, aka SCP-2721-LORD or Eli
brainy-brian - Brainy Brian of Wondertainment/MC&D, also known as 'Doctor Neurosis'
cousin-johnny - Cousin Johnny, or SCP-2852
d-11424 - D-11424
dado - dado is taking care of u in dis one. u no worry.
director-aktus - Director Aktus
director-gillespie - Director Gillespie
director-mctiriss - Director Kate McTiriss
director-moose - Director Moose
django-bridge - Django Bridge: Foundation archivist.
draven-kondraki - Dr./Director Draven Kondraki
doctor-bright - Dr. Bright: Immortal researcher attached to SCP-963.
doctor-cimmerian - Dr. Cimmerian: Ethics Committee liaison.
doctor-clef - Dr. Alto Clef: Foundation doctor, former GOC agent involved in several high-profile anomalies.
doctor-edison - Dr. Michael Edison: Head and only member of the Metafiction Department.
doctor-everwood - Dr. Everwood: GoI specialist.
doctor-fynegan - Dr. Fynegan
doctor-gears - Dr. Gears: Apathetic researcher and father to Alison Chao, a.k.a. the Black Queen.
doctor-gerald - Dr. Gerald
doctor-glass - Dr. Simon Glass: Head of psychology.
doctor-heiden - Dr. Frederick Heiden: Neurology specialist, possibly dead.
doctor-iceberg - Dr. Iceberg
doctor-king - Dr. King: Appleseeds.
doctor-kondraki - Dr. Kondraki
doctor-light - Dr. Sophia N. Light: Site director, most likely O5-2.
doctor-mann - Dr. Everett Mann: Foundation researcher with unorthodox methodology.
doctor-rights - Dr. Rights
doctor-roget - Dr. Ralph Roget
doctor-spanko - Dr. Spanko
doctor-vang - Dr. S. Vang
donkman - Ulysses B. Donkman
eric - Eric, a mysterious character
faeowynn-wilson - Faeowynn "Fae" Wilson
fred - Fred, or SCP-423
finnegan - Finnegan
general-bowe - General Bowe
grand-karcist-ion - Grand Karcist Ion, a Sarkic figure
hanged-king - Of or relating to the Hanged King.
halyna-ieva - Karcist Halyna Ieva, aka The Mother Who Demands One's Toes
heather-mason - Heather Mason, AKA "Ms. Mad About Video Games"/"SCP-3090".
holly-light - Holly Light
iris-dark - Iris Dark
isabel-v - Isabel Helga Anastasia Parvati Wondertainment V
kain-pathos-crow - Professor Kain Pathos Crow: Foundation researcher transformed into an intelligent dog.
kenneth-spencer - Kenneth Spencer
jude-kriyot - Jude Kriyot, of Gamers Against Weed
judy-papill - Judy Papill, AKA Judy the Tongue
kindness - A kind man
leslie - Leslie, instance of SCP-3774
lewitt-zairi-family - The Lewitt Zairi Family
lombardi - Agent Lombardi
maria-jones - Maria Jones of RAISA
marion-wheeler - Marion Wheeler
mark-kiryu - Mark Kiryu: Director of Kiryu Labs.
moon-champion - Moon Champion, Champion of the Moon and SCP-1233
mr-fish - Mr. Fish, Little Mister from Dr. Wondertainment and SCP-527
paul-kim - Paul Kim
researcher-conwell - Researcher Jacob Conwell: Anomalous materials analyst.
researcher-james - Junior Researcher James, best foundation researcher ever! (Age 5)
researcher-labelle - Researcher Rose Labelle
researcher-lloyd - Researcher Lloyd: HMCL supervisor, will always die last.
researcher-rosen - Researcher David Rosen: Head of information technology support at Site-19.
researcher-smalls - Researcher Adamo Smalls
researcher-talloran - Researcher Talloran
riven-mercer - Riven Mercer: Second-in-command of Kiryu Labs.
robert-bumaro - Robert Bumaro, a prophet of Mekhane
robin-thorne - Robin Thorne
ruiz-duchamp - Ruiz Duchamp, an anartist
saturn-deer - Saturn Deer
scarlet-king - The Scarlet King
sheldon-katz - Sheldon Katz
simon-pietrykau - Simon Pietrykau
thad-xyank - Dr. Thaddeus "Thad" Xyank: Foundation researcher specializing in temporal anomalies.
the-administrator - The Administrator, separate entity from O5 council
veronica-fitzroy - Veronica Katherine Fitzroy, anartist/d-class
zyn-kiryu - Researcher Zyn Kiryu: Foundation researcher being supervised by the O5s, with a knack for butterflies and poetry. εїз

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