I had that dream again. With the falling and stuff. It was weird this time though. Every other time, it's always been sort of faded, like an actual dream. This time though, everything was a lot more vivid. Not like I was actually there, though, more like I was watching from afar. Anywhoways, it started like normal (Look to entry #4 if you don't remember). Falling and shit, being having my memories sucked out and stuff. Normal bizz The same old thing as the other ones.
Except, towards the middle of the dream, I like started slowing down. It was as if something I had gone bungee jumping the chord was getting reaching its limit. That had never happened in any of the other dreams (#4, #11, #26, and #47 for reference). Wh Gradually, I slowed down before reaching a stand still. First time I was able to actually look around and see things. It was we Not sure exactly what how to describe it, except almost empty. I could see nothing around me except some weird dot way below me.
Creepy as hell though. Like sticking your arm through some hole in the street without being able to see it. It was just somewhat cold and I expected something to just pop out and fucking kill me. But nothing did, thankfully. What did happen is that I realized something was whispering to me. I couldn't really understand it but it was beautiful. Upon my body, I grew wings. My face, my back, everywhere. At that point, I started flying towards the voice. Then I woke up and started writing this. I don't know what it is, but I feel almost free. I think, and this will so I have no idea if this is true or not, but I think I've always been falling. That voice, whatever it was, let me stop and fly away. I hope I dream about it again tonight.

(Note to self: Get a new pen. This one sucks is awful, I got ink all over my hand. Again.)

Jeffery sat in a car. Next to him, his brother Micheal sang along to the radio, making sure to miss every single beat and ensure that the actual song was ruined. This did nothing to comfort the splitting pain in his head. In fact, it did quite the opposite. All Jeffery wanted every Sunday was to make use of the precious few hours left of the weekend and sleep in. But every Sunday, they had to go to church. Every Sunday that Jeffery had ever known had them going to church, even when someone was sick, or had a big project, or had had a friend over the night before, or so on and so forth. He hated it so much. There was nothing to be gained from the preacher's droning or the big book of paper that sat at every pew. It was just extra work for every weekend.

Next to him, his brother tried to reach the high note of 'Take On Me.' Jeffery wasn't sure whether it would be better to hit his brother or just cry. Deciding to take the pacifists route, he sat with his head resting against the window, watching cars fly by. After 2 more songs, they finally arrived at the church. Wondering yet again why he had to be there, Jeffery got out of the car and made his way with his family towards the church.

In front him, Micheal nagged his parents about a sleep over for whatever reason, making several grammar mistakes while at it, even though the answer would always be the same, no matter what week he asked: "no." Taking satisfaction in his brother's denial, they walked inside and to the pews. The first thing Jeffery noticed was the smell. It was as if somebody had left meat sitting out for several days. Looking at his family, they seemed to notice nothing and sat down on the pew. Jeffery looked around for a bit more, then sat down on the pews along with his family. "Alright, be quiet, it's about to begin," his mom said to his brother who was singing some imagine Dragons Song.

The smell got even stronger. Looking back, Jeffery saw them touting some sort of altar towards the center of the room. It was covered in blood and several bits of rotting meat lay upon the top slab "What the fuck," Jeffery whispered to himself, looking around the room for any one else as surprised as he was. No one, not even his family, bat an eye at the altar going down the room, but his mother did shoot him an evil look for not paying attention to the procession.

"And we deliver ourselves unto He, as He did before, and as He shall do for ever. I call to our young blood, Jeffery and Micheal, to come to the stand and partake of His glory." Jeffery's parents looked up at him, surprised. "Didn't know you'd be chosen this week! That's really awesome. Now get up there, don't want to keep them waiting," his dad said, backed up by an approving stare from his mother. Standing up with his brother, the two made their way up the stand. Looking around, Jeffery began to shake as he noticed the dead bugs littering the ground around the altar and the blood staining the ground. Next to him, Micheal whispered "Man, this is so cool! I've always wanted to do this."

Reaching the altar, Micheal lay down on the altar, excited at the prospect of being the subject of whatever ritual was about to take place. Father Sanders pat him on the back and handed him a knife. "Now is the time of your true reckoning, child. Take the knife and deliver the flesh to our God who did so two thousand years ago. Give the bread up to the heavens and proclaim your love for all." Jeffery stood, holding the knife, stunned. "What?" was the only word that escaped his mouth. "Isn't obvious child," proclaimed Father Sanders, "of what you must do? Take the knife and proclaim your brother's flesh for the Lord our God." "No," muttered Jeffery, "No, I can't do this. This is insane, this murder. That's my brother, I can't hurt him." Father Sanders looked at him disappointingly. "Then I shall do it myself."

It was there that Jeffery made his decision. Stabbing the father, he took his brother and ran for the exit. But the pews would not let him. His brother screaming at him, telling him to stop, to bring him back, the pews yelling, he ran and ran. A fist came out, knocking him to the ground. He fell and a foot lashed out and kicked him to the ground. He saw his brother being stabbed, and to Jeffery's horror, cicadas streamed out of his brother's body. Jeffery felt something from deep within, a pain to match his head ache. As he convulsed, the kicks faded away in lieu of something far greater. Things scratched at his chest and he felt white hot fury as something tapped on his ribs. Cicadas began to stream from his eyes and from his mouth. In a faded, bent vision of his mind, he saw his brother falling next to him in an empty void and then being eaten. By what, he couldn't tell. But before Jeffery could be consumed as well, upon wings of old, he ascended. Then, Jeffery died.

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