DeCIRO Catalogue Number: SC-001/13-001/01

Document Type: Summa Modus Operandi

Dates Received: N/A

Operation Status: Open

Foreword: We, the Delta Command, do hereby set in motion the principles of this document, the Summa Modus Operandi of the Chaos Insurgency.

We hold the following to be inescapable truths:

  • The Foundation Overseers have altered the fabric of reality for the benefit of their own wicked desires.
  • These alterations are the source of all supernatural activity in our universe.
  • These grievances we hold against them:
    • THE THIRTEENTH OVERSEER - Has blasphemed the natural order in his foul contract to stay the hand of Death.
    • THE TWELFTH OVERSEER - Has stolen the wealth of the world to benefit the Foundation’s insidious designs.
    • THE ELEVENTH OVERSEER - Has spun a circle of lies around the people of this world to protect the Foundation’s interests.
    • THE TENTH OVERSEER - Has stood by and done nothing but keep a record as the Foundation has ended the world time and time again.
    • THE NINTH OVERSEER - Has betrayed the trust of her fellow man and sworn allegiance to the cancerous council.
    • THE EIGHTH OVERSEER - Has committed wicked acts against the ignorant public with his blatant use of nuclear weapons.
    • THE SEVENTH OVERSEER - Has manipulated innocent populaces to create chaos and destruction for the Foundation’s benefit.
    • THE SIXTH OVERSEER - Has surreptitiously used the might of the American military machine to crush the Foundation’s enemies.
    • THE FIFTH OVERSEER - Has warped the very boundaries between space and time to extend the Foundation’s reach beyond our own universe.
    • THE FOURTH OVERSEER - Has gaslit the nations of the world into believing that the Foundation means no harm.
    • THE THIRD OVERSEER - Has used mankind’s own technologies against them to control information and reallocate resources.
    • THE SECOND OVERSEER - Is complicit.
    • THE FIRST OVERSEER - Has established a council of monsters and demons that answer at his beck and call, all so he may sit on his foul throne atop the sucking wound of the Foundation.
  • The Overseers’ cancerous spread of anomalous influence on the world has torn open a wound in the fabric of the universe.
  • A wound that festers cannot heal until the irritant is removed.
  • The Thirteen Foundation Overseers are the irritant in the wound on our reality.
  • The Thirteen Foundation Overseers must be removed.

By order of The Engineer, and of Those Who Stepped Down, we stand in defiance of this aberration.

We stand in opposition to this blasphemy against nature.

We stand insurgent against this chaos.

Our path is clear, our vision unclouded. We must clean out the wound. We must let our universe heal.

We must destroy the Thirteen Foundation Overseers.

Hereafter, we of Delta Command document the Summa Modus Operandi as transcribed by the Engineer of the Chaos Insurgency.

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