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An urgent message from Robert Forest has been downloaded:

This file has been updated with the SCP-XXXX ground penetration scan results.

Analysis Findings:

Scan Range: Surface to 5.6 meters below Lunar Regolith. Covering approximately 20 square kilometers of mission area.

Purpose: Detection of organic or man-made matter.


Findings (to a 99.4% certainty): A chamber of indeterminate size begins approximately 5.7 meters below SCP-XXXX. This chamber contains 91 mobile entities similar to SCP-XXXX-1 and 2. Two organic masses of indeterminate origin take up a large section of the mapped chamber.

Additional predictions: Estimation to a 86% certainty that 52 mobile entities exhibit non-terrestrial body plans.

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Image recovered by Foundation Agents during ongoing exploration of SCP-XXXX. Context not currently fully known.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Data or media showing the location of SCP-XXXX must be erased from public records. Document requests are to be sent to GRU-P and the Russian government concerning SCP-XXXX and relating Soviet Luna Program missions.

Additional procedures will be decided once additional information is recovered either from these document requests or physical exploration and evaluation of SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a former Soviet Lunar base located in Mare Moscovien.1 SCP-XXXX was officially abandoned by the Soviet government in 1973. SCP-XXXX lacks a power source, but all electronic and mechanical systems are fully operational. The mechanism by which this is achieved is not currently understood.

Due to the nature of Soviet record-keeping regarding failed missions, the exact date of the project's failure is unknown. SCP-XXXX is believed to be part of a series of Soviet lunar missions meant to end in the permanent habitation of the far side of the moon.

Approximately 15 meters away from the south end of the base is a crashed lunar lander (designated SCP-XXXX-A). SCP-XXXX-A appears to have been destroyed by a high velocity impact with the lunar surface. It is scattered across an additional 67 meters south-southeast of SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX-1 and -2 are humanoid entities inhabiting the area around and inside SCP-XXXX. These entities carry information identifying them as cosmonauts L. Anatolievich and O. Zakharovich respectively. SCP-XXXX-1 protective suit is physically damaged to the point of exposing it to the lunar vacuum. No information is currently known about the state of SCP-XXXX-2's protective suit.

Documents recovered from the Russian government indicate a high likelihood that SCP-XXXX-1 and -2 are Lyzlov Anatolievich and Oksana Zakharovich, who were both heavily involved in the Soviet lunar program and disappeared from Soviet records in the early 1970s.

In order to protect Foundation orbital and lunar assets from public discovery, data from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) was filtered through foundation scientists before public dissemination. On July 19th, 2021, a high resolution photograph of Mare Moscovien was taken by the LRO and SCP-XXXX was first detected. Follow-up photography was accomplished on August 10th and a landing mission was planned for December 1st. Weather issues pushed the launch to December 4th.

This landing was accomplished on December 6th. This mission is ongoing. The following log excerpt is tentatively added to this documentation.

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