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Item#: 4945
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SCP-4945 (unconfirmed).

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, no method exists to effectively predict, navigate, or contain SCP-4945. If encountered, personnel are encouraged to document their experiences thoroughly, and if possible, record any interactions with SCP-4945-1.

Any directions offered by SCP-4945-1 should be followed. Staff should be aware that, while typically benign, SCP-4945-1's advice may lead to unintended, or otherworldly destinations.

Description: SCP-4945 is an extradimensional space, appearing as an open area where multiple paths intersect. This space will resemble the geographical, material and visual conditions present directly before being entered; for instance, it will resemble a junction of hiking trails if encountered in a forest, or converging hallways if encountered in an office building.

For an individual to access SCP-4945, they must:

  • Have a destination or purpose for traveling.
  • Be on a constructed or established path.
  • Not intend to find SCP-4945.
  • Be currently lost.

Entry into SCP-4945 will be signaled by a run up of visual and auditory cues; a steady rise in ambient noise, the sound of rushing wind, and the appearance of distant, shadowy figures. These figures will aggressively pursue individuals up to the moment they enter SCP-4945, when they will abruptly vanish.

If an individual begins deliberating on which path to take, SCP-4945-1 will present themself. Though human in appearance, this entity has demonstrated a wide variety of anomalous knowledge and abilities. Notably, their attire will follow the same adaptive quality of SCP-4945, such as hiking clothes on a trail, or formal clothing in an office. After engaging the individual with sarcastic banter and cryptic inquiries, they will offer directional advice.

298 missing person reports, social media posts, and blog entries have been linked to SCP-4945. These accounts have not been substantiated. Additionally, due to its unpredictable nature, there are currently no reliable means of accessing SCP-4945 for testing.

All credible information on SCP-4945 has been derived from three unplanned encounters by Foundation personnel.

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