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Item#: 4406-EX
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: Mobile Task Force Mu-4 ("Debuggers"), under the guise of technical support from front organization Cloudflare, Inc., is investigating Progeny Games for knowledge of the anomalous or connections to groups of interest.

Mobile Task Force Gamma-5 ("Red Herrings") has been assigned to clean up public knowledge of Foundation activities related to containment of SCP-4406-EX.

RAISA has assigned engineers to hotfix Foundation webcrawlers to avoid removing SCP-4406-EX files. All identified files will instead be flagged and retained for post-mortem analysis.

The RAISA Standards Committee is determining whether adjustments to FENC Suite 3 is necessary. Clandenstine action to manipulate [name] development is under consideration.

Description: SCP-4406-EX is the non-anomalous video game [name], a popular independently-published cyberpunk roguelike, released on Steam in August of 2015. The game released an expansion which added a much-anticipated multiplayer mode in September of 2018, however the binary communication format the game utilizes was found to be superficially similar to Foundation Encryption Suites (FENC) 3B and 3C.

As part of standard information security protocols, internet surveillance tools and webcrawlers automatically flag all communications which match proprietary Foundation file formats. Due to a false positive between SCP-4406-EX and the FENC standard, multiplayer communications were assumed to be leaked Foundation documents, and all game sessions began to be aggressively terminated.

However, because only the game sessions themselves were flagged, communications about the failures on social media were not. This resulted in a large amount of discuss about the "buggy launch" of [name]'s multiplayer mode, and eventually hobbyist investigation into the technical failures. Consequently, large amounts of information about the Foundation's information capture and throttling system was shared publicly before surveillance tools separately discovered Foundation proprietary technologies being discussed and began to curtail those discussions. However by this point, the event had already attracted significant media attention.

Additionally, Foundation information systems dispatched tens of thousands of field agents and intelligence personnel to the homes of random civilians all over the world who had been playing [name]'s update on release, causing confusion, logistical stress, and the detainment and amnesticization of excessively many uninvolved people. Difficulty in implementing large numbers of cover stories and the incorrectly-reported disconnected of these cases resulted in poor communication between Foundation staff responding to these reports and the exposure of civilians to "coincidental" events began to lead to rumors.

Twelve hours after release, head of RAISA's Surveillance Division, L. James, approved the creation of an SCP file to coordinate the response, and assigned herself as Containment Director.1 All known reports, detentions, flagged files, and amnestic dispensal reports related to SCP-4406-EX were collected and linked to the file.

The incident was later escalated and Maria Jones became Containment Director. At this point the issue had been identified as purely technical in nature and the file had been reclassified as Explained, however containment efforts continued due to the disruptive effect on normalcy which had occurred.

Addendum 4406-EX-1: Online Discussion

(reddit and twitter threads discovering the issue)

Addendum 4406-EX-2: Containment Efforts

Addendum 4406-EX-3: Misinformation Work

Addendum 4406-EX-4: Final Cover Story

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