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Item#: 4406-EX
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: Mobile Task Force Mu-4 ("Debuggers"), under the guise of technical support from front organization Cloudfront, Inc., is investigating Progeny Games for knowledge of the anomalous or connections to groups of interest.

RAISA has assigned engineers to hotfix Foundation webcrawlers to avoid removing SCP-4406-EX files. All identified files will instead by retained for post-mortem analysis, and censored appropriately then.

The RAISA Standards Committee is determining whether adjustments to FENC Suite 3 is necessary. Clandenstine action to manipulate [name] development is under consideration.

Description: SCP-4406-EX is the non-anomalous video game [name], an independently-published cyberpunk roguelike for personal computers, released 2020/08/13. The binary format the game utilizes for save files is superficially similar to Foundation Encryption Suites (FENC) 3B and 3C.

As part of standard information security protocols, webcrawlers search for data matching Foundation file formats, either flagging it for manual review or immediately removing it depending on its sensitivity. Due to the aforemention false positive, RAISA online bots began aggressively censoring [name] save files, causing discussion among players.

Six hours after release, head of RAISA's Surveillance Division, L. James, approved the creation of an SCP file to coordinate the response, and assigned herself as Containment Director.1 Due to the small size of the studio, it was decided to perform containment covertly, to avoid anomalous disclosure to individuals not previously vetted by the Department of Information Security.

The incident was later escalated and Maria Jones became Containment Director.

Addendum 4406-EX-1: Online Discussion

(reddit and twitter threads discovering the issue)

Addendum 4406-EX-2: Containment Efforts

Addendum 4406-EX-3: (todo)

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