COG And Bull Torture

Item #: SCP-XXXX-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures (Archived): SCP-XXXX-J is contained in a standard livestock containment unit. Personnel are permitted to schedule appointments with it on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sessions between SCP-XXXX-J and personnel are to be conducted via remote video interface, unless overridden by personnel with Level 4 clearance.

Description (Archived): SCP-XXXX-J is an adult male Bos Tauros1 with human levels of intelligence and reasoning. It is capable of speaking fluent English, Spanish, French, and Silbo Gomero2.

SCP-XXXX-J claims to be a psychologist. While it has offered no credentials whatsoever to confirm its adequacy3, all of its "patients" have universally agreed that sessions with it have assisted them in their personal lives in some fashion.

SCP-XXXX-J will ask its patients questions, provide advice or guidance, or provide insight into what it calls their "true self". These sessions primarily focus on emotional expression or a lack thereof, and participants will almost always agree with SCP-XXXX-J's diagnoses. Some will exhibit radical changes in their personalities or behaviors, citing that SCP-XXXX-J has helped them discover their "true self". Research and analysis of these sessions has found no signs of memetic inoculation, cognitohazards, inconsistent semanto-logical areas, or influence from pattern screamers. Due to the sheer scale of some of these changes, research remains ongoing.

Session Log: Below is a log of sessions conducted between SCP-XXXX-J and personnel:

Personnel Session Time (HH:MM) Notes Comments
Dr. W. G. Quinton 01:05 Dr. Quinton inquired about his sudden apathy and lack of investment into work/projects. SCP-XXXX-J claimed that the root cause of these issues were a deficiency of Vitamin C and that Dr. Quinton had neglected to speak with his mother frequently. In the weeks following the session, other personnel have noted that Dr. Quinton has shown a significantly happier mood and has been more willing to take part in on-site projects and group activities. N/A
Dr. Zyn Kiryu 02:38 Dr. Kiryu requested a session with SCP-XXXX-J, as she felt that speaking with it might be helpful or even "fun," even though she had no particular mental health concerns. After the session, Kiryu turned over all of her projects involving insectoid SCP objects, and began requesting access to the Avian Division's research projects. "I can't believe I lived my whole life being obsessed with butterflies! It's ridiculous! If only I'd given up sooner I could have pursued my true passion!" - Dr. Zyn Kiryu
Dr. King 00:02 Following the session, Dr. King's effects on SCP objects has changed from being appleseed-oriented to dice-oriented. "I hate D&D even more than I hate apples." - Dr. King
Agent L. Johnson 01:52 Prior to the session, Agent Johnson suffered from depression, a sense of inadequacy, and an inferiority complex. Johnson and SCP-XXXX-J began discussing Johnson's childhood immediately upon contact. SCP-XXXX-J eventually came to the conclusion that Johnson was much more confident than he chose to let on, and Agent Johnson agreed. Following the session, Johnson has showed a marked increase in confidence and extroverted behavior, and a sharp decrease in depressive episodes. "I know this isn't the solution for most people, but I'm glad I could help." - SCP-XXXX-J
Dr. Charles Oswald Gears 08:22 See Addendum XXXX.1. N/A


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