Cold Posts
Item #: SCP-3982-J-J Level 1/XXXX
Object Class: Neutralized For Internal Use Only

Item #: SCP-3982-J-J

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: The original SCP-3982-J-J-A instance has been neutralized as of 5/██/████. No SCP-3982-J-J-B instances were reported at that time.

Should a new SCP-3982-J-J-A or -B instance reappear in Foundation databases, all personnel viewing said document should perform Procedure Periwinkle until instance is removed by Senior Staff. Non-senior staff personnel may refer to the Procedure Periwinkle documentation for further information. Personnel may find it valuable to refer personnel responsible for SCP-3982-J-J-A instances to Foundation documentation on the subject, if it has not already been provided.

Should a new instance fall bellow acceptable thresholds, Level 4 personnel or higher may initiate expungement procedures, starting a 24-hour grace period after which an instance may be deleted if affirmed by at least three other Level 4 personnel.

Should an SCP-3982-J-J-A/B instance be deemed particularly anomalous, Level 4+ Personnel may summarily expunge it with at least one other Level 4+ Personnel as witness. Staff should refer to Expungement Documentation for further information.

Description: SCP-3982-J-J is a phenomena referring to conduct by Foundation personnel in response to particularly poorly documented entries (colloquially known as "cold-posts", designated SCP-3982-J-J-A) made by Junior Foundation Researchers. SCP-3982-J-J-A instances should be differentiated by appending the number the entry was submitted under, omitting any additional modifiers. Should a number be repeated, it should be considered cursed, and the next unused letter in the Greek alphabet should be appended to it.

SCP-3982-J-J-B refers to "satirical" entries made to the Foundation database in response to SCP-3982-J-J-A instances. SCP-3982-J-J-B instances do not always occur with all SCP-3982-J-J-A instances, but typically manifest within one week of the completion of expungement procedures. SCP-3982-J-J-B instances should be considered a threat to Foundation morale, and should be dealt with swiftly. After containment procedures are followed, responsible researchers should be disciplined if necessary.

SCP-3982-J-J-C refers to non-database entry responses made in response to SCP-3982-J-J-A instances. Such responses do not need to be separately designated as they can be a positive contribution to the Foundation. Should SCP-3982-J-J-C instances show particular hostility or mockery, they should be removed and responsible staff should be warned.

Periodic reminders of SCP-3982-J-J containment procedures should be made to Foundation personnel if a SCP-3982-J-J occurrence shows above-average activity or hostility.

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