Item#: 0000
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

To: UNGOC, FBIUIU, ORIA, MC&D, CI, and (19) others
From: O5-1

Whomever may be reading this,

I am in possession of some sensitive information, and have been for a while. Information regarding corruption, regarding lies. Regarding power.

Please, see the attachments below. You need to hear about this.

MEETING 11/09/2023

In Attendance

  • O5-13 - PRESENT
  • O5-12 - PRESENT
  • O5-11 - PRESENT
  • O5-10 - PRESENT
  • O5-9 - PRESENT
  • O5-8 - PRESENT
  • O5-7 - PRESENT
  • O5-6 - PRESENT
  • O5-5 - PRESENT
  • O5-4 - PRESENT
  • O5-3 - PRESENT
  • O5-2 - PRESENT
  • O5-1 - PRESENT


O5-1: Hello, everyone. I know it's not great, but this meeting is necessary.

O5-6: What's so necessary about it then?

O5-9: I better have not flown here to discuss a petty containment breach.

O5-1: Nine I can assure th-

O5-4: [Interrupting] Another Insurgency raid, I assume? Just like the others?

[O5-7 begins to speak, but is cut off by O5-2.]

O5-2: Would you all please shut up? This is your fucking job. You're acting like children.




Item #: SCP-XXXX

Containment Class: Keter


SCP-XXXX, abstracted via Kant-Cortex.

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-XXXX's nature, it is currently uncontainable. Research is ongoing.





[O5-1 is seen approaching the office of O5-2.]

[O5-1 mutters incoherently under his breath.]

[O5-1 knocks on the door of O5-2's office.]

O5-1: Adelaide, you in there?

[Muffled footsteps are heard approaching the door from within the room. O5-2 unlocks and opens the door.]

O5-2: …Hey.

O5-1: Hey.

O5-2: I have something to tell you about.

O5-1: What a coincidence.

O5-2: Let's take turns, shall we?

[O5-1 enters the room and slowly approaches a chair in front of O5-2's desk.]

O5-2: Look, I know we had… a bit of a disagreement. But everything's alright now, understand?

O5-1: Right, I know. It— it was a mistake. I shouldn't have-

O5-2: Jake, it's fine.

O5-1: [Hesitates.] Okay.

O5-2: How are you doing?

[O5-1 sits on the chair, not replying.]

O5-2: What's wrong?

O5-1: Those meetings are draining the life out of me, I swear.

O5-2: Is that all it is? I think they're killing all of us.

[O5-1 laughs lightly.]

O5-1: Except maybe Six, now that I think about—

O5-2: No, really. This is what I've been wanting to talk about.

O5-1: Oh, okay. What's going on?

[A brief silence.]

O5-2: I've been feeling… weird, lately. Keep getting these vivid nightmares. I'm not used to it.

O5-1: Well, it's been rough lately, what with all the new anomalies coming in. More of those meetings than usual. The only difference is that you're actually bothering to talk about it.

O5-2: Three certainly enjoys sharing his opinions.

O5-1: Three's an oddball. And you're probably the least strange person I've ever met.

O5-2: Thank you, but… I'm not sure what this has to do with our work.

O5-1: [Softly] You think it's your depression again?

O5-2: Could be, but I don't think so. Depression was like… this deep, black, gray void of numbness. Uncaring.

O5-1: Mmm.

O5-2: This isn't… it's not numb. I feel out of control.

[O5-2 shifts uncomfortably, looking down.]

O5-2: It—it's unnatural, Jake. I can feel it.

O5-1: I trust you.


O5-1: I think… I think you should get some more rest, Addie. Losing sleep does that to you.

O5-2: I—I will. I'll try.

O5-1: I want you to call me if you have another nightmare, okay?

O5-2: That really… that means a lot, Jake. Thank you.

O5-1: It's nothing. I'll see you tomorrow, okay?

[O5-1 rises from the chair and begins walking out of the room.]

O5-2: Jake?

[Silence. O5-1 stops.]

O5-2: What were you going to tell me?

[O5-1 turns around.]




[O5-10 enters the chamber, within which UNKNOWN is bound to a chair.]

O5-10: It's good to see you, Miss Light - very good to see you. It is a special occasion, after all.

UNKNOWN: Why are you here? You already have everything you want. The Foundation's all yours, the O5 Council has fallen apart, and you own it all. What else could you possibly need?

O5-10: Power.

UNKNOWN: At least you're honest. [She laughs weakly. O5-10 laughs with her. She falls silent, glaring at him.]

O5-10: What would I gain with a lie? What would I gain if not for your disdain? Why would I be dishonest with you? It is, after all, all we want. All we need. [He grips UNKNOWN by the shoulders and looks into her eyes]

UNKNOWN: You - who are you?

O5-10: [Beginning to pace.] The O5 Council has fallen apart. It has always been ineffective.

UNKNOWN: Answer me. Who are you?

O5-10: Abdukrahman Asfour is sympathetic to western degeneracy. He shall drag ORIA down with him.

UNKNOWN: Stop it! I-

O5-10: D.C. Al Fine is getting too cozy with anomalies. I heard she slept with a Type-Green for infinite cash.

UNKNOWN: Stop…you're -

O5-10: Marshall, Carter, and Dark are getting soft. They're not even using slaves anymore. All because that bitch Iris laid the other two off.

[O5-10 approaches UNKNOWN and undoes her bindings. She stands and looks at him]

O5-10: Bluntfiend and Jockjams cyberbullied a newbie to the point of suicide. Do you understand?

O5-1: I…yes. I understand.

O5-10: Good. Good. You're free to go. [O5-10 opens the chamber door, allowing O5-1 to exit.] And, by the way - congratulations on the promotion.


To: You
From: O5-1

I got out.

Though, I guess that might be obvious. It was a surprise for me, though. After that incident with Alpha-1, I was waiting to die in that chamber. I'm glad I'm still alive, all things considered.

After he let me out, O5-10 led me down the hallway to the former O5-1's office. All of my things - my computer, my documents and files, even pictures of my family - had been moved there to replace anything O5-1 might've left. The only trace of him was a picture I found stuck underneath one of the legs of my chair - a picture of him and O5-2, near a lake in the woods on a sunny day. They're both laughing, with their arms around each other. I slipped the picture into my breast pocket.

Site-01 was empty - I walked down the halls for hours, never meeting another soul. Not even the other O5s - they were probably all in their offices. Nobody stopped me from leaving, getting into my car, and driving off. I didn't know where I'd go - I just wanted to leave, to go as far as I could away from the Foundation and never come back. And that I did.

I don't know what led me to Kriyot's apartment, but I found myself knocking on his door the next day. I'd never met him or any of his other friends before, never even heard of Gamers Against Weed except in passing conversation, but there I was - an exhausted, nervous wreck, an escapee from the people I was supposed to rule over, with bags under my eyes and filthy, matted hair - and then Jude opened the door, and it was like looking into a mirror. I explained what I was doing there, and he let me in and closed the door behind him.

He was surprisingly trusting for someone who knew he was on the Foundation's radar - he even gave me a blanket, and prepared hot coffee for both of us. I felt like a child again - the most comfortable I'd been in years. He sat down in front of me and asked me to tell him what'd happened - all of it. So I did. I told him about the O5 Council, and Alpha-1 breaking into my room, and being a fugitive, and what O5-10 had told me, and my promotion - and by the time I had finished, something in him had changed. He no longer looked warm or caring, and his eyes took on the shine of someone possessed - or, of a predator with its warm, dead prey in its mouth - exactly as O5-10 had looked.

"That's tough," he said. "I've got to let my friends know."

I left without saying goodbye or finishing my coffee. Jude didn't stop me.

O5-10 told me something as he led me to my new office - something that convinced me to tell you this story. He told me that I have a purpose. That I could contribute to something more than the Council, or the Foundation, or even the Usurper itself - and as I walked out of Kriyot's apartment and left his crumbling life behind, I started to believe him. And I knew that this was just the first domino in a massive series, and that I was just getting started.

Suggest, Corrupt, Propagate.


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