Karpin & Blank take on Resurrection

Story ONE - Him and 093

Initial Act: Discovery and Reconnaissance

Chapter Zero: Draft

  • What's everyone been up to since the chaos with Site 19 and the Thorn incident.
  • Check in with Lucretia and Carlotta
  • Rainer and 4494 (who I think are getting chummy)
  • Dan and Light giving each other shit maybe (I don't know)
  • Light tasks Dan and ETTRA to look into Him, which will entail looking into all the 093 stuff. (We have decided this will mean Blackwood's tale, as it was recorded from one of his interview sessions.)

Chapter One: Draft

  • Dan and team doing the research, planning out different scenarios. Call in Gat for added theorizing.
  • Dan decides that means getting boots on the ground as the reports are limited and no-one has gone over for years.
  • Light firmly declares this means he gets back up and sends our A-9 crew (4494, Lucretia, Carlotta and Rainer).
    • This could be a fun scene with Dan meeting my wackos for the first time, hilarity ensues. (briefing?)
    • Dan picks up the Disc and for the first time, it turns Orange. cliffhanger as shown in IRC

Chapter Two:

  • They get outfitted with cables and wired communication so Light can stay in contact. (also 093 states all new colors must be explored with dedicated communication lines, due to unpredictability of the landscape and difficulties with wireless transmission through the mirrors)
  • They come out near an abandoned military science lab, where the followers of him created the first super soldiers for the "war."
    • Dan has regrets about the deaths of the MTFs, which leads the disc here.
  • Dan and A-9 explore the facility
  • things to be found:
    • Proof that the genetic testing with Tears created the Unclean but at first they were only enhanced humans
    • Finding experimentation logs where they grew increasingly out of control and hostile to all sentient beings, and eventually started mutating into the Unclean we know of from 093
    • 4494 can see the shadow people, those that usually are only visible on the camera - something of substance here. Can 4494 communicate with them? The Agent at the end of the recovered documents said they remembered everything.
    • Cliffhanger with an Unclean attacking the facility?

Chapter Three:

  • Chase sequence through facility away from Unclean?
    • Silly fight sequence, ultimately useless reinforcing the idea that conventional arms aren't useful
  • they get back by the skin of their teeth and cements the idea they need a weapon to combat the Unclean.

Chapter Four:

  • in which Dan and A-9 get to race against time and maybe another GoI to try and get Blackwood's super weapon, which is stored….. somewhere
  • More action, and hilarity.

Act II : We'll figure this out in a bit

Jokes we'll wanna use at some point:

Lucretia ask about Dan’s last name:
“It’s redacted.”
“Ok, nice to meet you Dr. Redacted.”

Dan meeting 4494:
"Hey, I don't mean to be rude. But are you literally a shadow person?" Dan said as he poked at 4494.
"What are your clothes made of? Are they the same thing as your skin? How do you wash?"

Mirror Test 6: Color (Orange)

Subject is Dr. Dan ███████, Male, 44 years of age, mildly atrophied muscular physique.

So, "Control" is Sophia Light:
Dr. Dan queries Control about whether the phantasmal entities from previous tests are visible on the camera footage. Control assures him that no such entities are visible.
Dr. Dan again queries Control about whether the phantasmal entities are visible. Control informs him that Alpha-9 is surrounded by many such entities, all making 'hurry up' gestures at him specifically. Dr. Dan responds negatively to this statement.

Like, when they pass through the mirror: "SCP-4494 declares that its reach, and thereby the reach of justice, now transcends dimensional boundaries. Dr. Dan rebuts, and a brief argument ensues."

Later, when Dan notes that the Unclean move by violating atomic bonds: "SCP-4494 declares that its reach, and thereby the reach of justice, also transcends atomic boundaries. Dr. Dan wearily agrees with this sentiment."

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