Nothing Quite Like A Full House

Kirby Brainstorming:

Core SCP - the stage of the performance

Extradimensional space opens up from a small theater in some town

Got reported when a review for the show circulated in the town's paper. No one knows its weird

Foundation investigates, sends in team

Things we need to tie together:

Owl person
The Show
"They feast in the dark while I watch from the light" from 3633?
Girl from 3713 cameo

Current proposed addenda:

Review from the paper
Interview with someone who saw it? (only if we can put something new in there that we wouldn't hint at in the review)
Exploration log
Leaves the town to "continue its tour"

Possible, like "climax/revelation" moment from the exploration log - reveal the guy from 701 is either the star of the show, or is the "director".

Proposed events for explo logs:
1st log:
Team goes in, theater looks normal at first
Goes backstage to find actors or someone in charge
The set pieces become more and more eldritch and weird
Eventually, they emerge on another stage?
Some "actors" are on the stage, reciting lines. They appear to ignore the agents until they start messing with the scene
Stagehands rush the agents
Feeds cut out

2nd log:
attempted rescue?

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