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Group of Interest: Metanoia

Database ID: 7714

Area of Operations: Global, concentrated in the United States

Threat Level: Red


Containment Approach:


Overview: Metanoia is a hostile splinter cell composed of ex-Foundation researchers, agents, and other personnel, who believe the Foundation's treatment of anomalies is highly unethical. Metanoia is a pretermemetic organization — shielding itself from its enemies while attracting potential allies.

Metanoia is a largely decentralized, horizontally organized group, but sees a figurehead in Melanie Alvarez: An ex-Foundation Ethics Committee member. Its main goals are to expose high-profile secrets of the Foundation, rescue and rehabilitate harmless and non-malevolent sentient/sapient anomalies, and expose purely beneficial anomalies to the non-anomalous public.

Metanoia's Canary Division is a group of double agents, working for Metanoia while spying on and indirectly sabotaging the Foundation and its operations, often including embezzlement of funding and resources. Canary Division personnel utilize memetic and antimemetic influence in order to escape detection by normal Foundation personnel.

Both Metanoia and its Canary Division utilize pseudo-scientific anomalies such as kinetohazards, infohazards, and cognitohazards in order to navigate and control hostile situations, as they do not possess the firepower or manpower to face the Foundation head-on, unlike its sister group, the Chaos Insurgency. Memetic and antimemetic anomalies are extensively used in their self-protection.

While Metanoia is physically and structurally decentralized, the Canary Division operates out of the abandoned Foundation Site-147. Site-147's director, The Director, serves as the Canary Division's leader and funnels funding into their operations. The usage of antimemetic and infohazardous warfare is absolutely vital in the protection of Site-147 and the Canary Division within.

Metanoia’s purpose is to humanize through writing, from a personal point of view, as opposed to the cold, clinical tone of the Foundation.

AKA: Jailbreakers (by the Serpent's Hand)

History: Site-147 was instituted to study a memetic hazard, which rapidly grew infectious and uncontrollable. The local memetic ecosystem proliferated until the memetic value of everything in the area increased to unsustainable levels, forcing the Foundation to motion to cut Site-147 off from support before the infection could spread further.

Melanie Alvarez was the sole dissenter on the motion, and the choice to sever ties to Site-147 resulted in the death of numerous personnel, civilians, and 13 out of the 21 members of MTF Omicron-1 ("Assassination of Thought"), a task force trained in memetic counterinsurgency. Fed up, Melanie personally traveled to the site to support those trapped there, quitting her position.

During the fallout, Melanie, the surviving researchers, and the remaining eight Omicron-1 agents began deconstructing the memeplex from the site's inside, gleaning how it works, and gaining their own insights into the study of memetics, grappling with a Foundation that forgot about them. Exploiting the antimemetic blockers instated by the Foundation to cut them off, they were able to access swaths of the IntSCPFN previously unseen, discovering years of unethical testing records, deaths, and misdeeds shoved under the rug. Site-147's personnel became the foundational members of Metanoia, combining their resources and using their preexisting Foundation connections to begin planning a destabilization from the inside.

Recurring Characters:

Melanie Alvarez - Some call her a bleeding heart, some call her mad, some call her “the nice lady who used to bring baked goods to Site-15 whenever she dropped by to oversee”. However she’s known, she’s the only member of Metanoia who doesn’t obfuscate her identity, and is the effective leader of both divisions but does most of her work with Phoenix. Rumors abound that she’s nothing but a figurehead or a mouthpiece, but there’s much more to Melanie than meets the eye—philanthropy, by her philosophy, is not seized without strife, and she’s more than capable of holding her own in a negotiation. As an ex-Ethics Committee member, she’s well-versed in the inner workings of the Foundation, and an expert in memetic tactics. She works closely with the Director—rumor has it they’re close friends despite their differences.

The Director - The director of Site-147 and leader of the Canary Division. A known double agent, their identity is that of another Site Director, but there is little to no evidence as to which. Little is known about them, their past, or even their appearance, but they seem to be a highly respected researcher. They allegedly worked in the Counterconceptual Division for several years before being transferred to Site-147, but archivists are having difficulty finding any information concerning their employment. An error in the database also tends to obscure their name, but why this hasn't yet been fixed is unknown. They are known to be pragmatic, and are possibly motivated more by revenge than altruism. The one fact known for sure about them is their affinity for classical music.

Relations with other GoIs:

Chaos Insurgency - There's little info Metanoia actually has on CI's operations; as such, the Phoenix Division will avoid direct engagement on the field when possible. Despite the parallel between their origins, Metanoia very much opposes CI's ethos, even more so than they do the Foundation's - although some of the more revenge-driven members may find a common ground with them.

UIU - Metanoia generally maintains amicable relations with the UIU, despite the latter's usual acquiescence to the Foundation. As Metanoia's work with anomalies does not impede on their day-to-day operation, in some cases even beneficial, UIU isn't quite in a rush to report to the Foundation any time soon.

Serpent's Hand - Their shared antagonism towards the Foundation's uglier aspects puts them mostly on the same side - the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Some sects welcome Metanoia with open arms and share resources, while others merely tolerate or even loathe the 'taint of the Jailors.' A powerful ally, but always tread carefully.

Writing Guide:

Things written for this:

THE CANARY DIVISION is a rehabilitative and restorative 501(c)(3) non-profit paranatural investigatory group of independent researchers.

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- Antimemetic kinetoglyph shields
- Research into a meme ecosystem (turns out it's Metanoia!!11)
- Site-147 Dossier/Canary Inoculation
- amnestic agent "KYASH"
- all Metanoia agents use code-names/aliases. their real names being Known and Used is a threat in the SCPverse, especially in the presence of risks such as informational hazards and fae
- with every individual or group that splits from the Foundation, it is in the best interests of Metanoia to make contact and provide assistance. one way is anomalous care packages sent to: (a) anomalous people in need, (b) ex-Foundies. individuals they may not be able to recruit or mobilize toward, but can assist & build connections with.
- if you are discharged from the Foundation,1 you are given a powerful, specifically targeted amnestics treatment that wipes your mind and implants false memories. one potential side-effect is - you might develop a specific paranoia. if you are an ex-Foundie and feel this, you might search something along the lines of "meta-paranoia", wherever that may be. this might, in some cases, lead to finding Metanoia and becoming recruited as a new agent

- Draft: Guerillas in the Midst (working title) / (offset)


Memetic inoculation detected. Unlocking files…


Name: John Appleseed D.O.B. yyyy/mm/dd
Condition: Healthy Foundation Risk Assessment: Red

Status: Resident


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