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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-X is to be contained within a standard humanoid containment chamber. Personnel with any history of substance abuse, or who demonstrate addictive personality traits, are to be referred to an on-site psychiatrist for evaluation both prior to and after working with SCP-X.

Requests made by SCP-X for the use of recreational drugs are to be referred to the discretion of the Lead Researcher and should be considered contingent on good behavior.

Description: SCP-X is a human female (previously Jillian Magee) in its early twenties. SCP-X is capable of inducing substantial changes to local reality including the alteration of brain and blood chemistry in other humans. SCP-X primarily uses this effect to self-medicate without apparent awareness or regard for its effects on the nearby population.

While SCP-X is conscious, anyone within approximately 100 meters will be unable to experience the effects of medical or recreational drugs or any other substances which may alter the brain or blood chemistry. Subjects who were under the influence of a drug prior to entering SCP-X's area of influence have demonstrated a rapid or near-instantaneous cessation of all drug-related effects regardless of positive or negative benefits. Should SCP-X become incapacitated or otherwise lose consciousness, or should a subject leave SCP-X's influence, normal physiological processes will resume as expected.

Discovery: The foundation was alerted on September 5th, 20██ when posts on social media reported that the entire ███████ Community College campus was unable to become intoxicated, and those who previously were had suddenly became sober. Foundation agents investigated the campus and discovered SCP-X in its dorm, which appeared to be completely intoxicated.

Ten minutes after SCP-X was removed from the campus for questioning, news of over 200 students seeking psychiatric help, and four deaths due to alcohol poisoning from within ███████ Community College circulated. This news confirmed theories of SCP-X being the cause behind the incident.

Addendum 1: Interview Log 1

Interviewed: SCP-X

Interviewer: Dr. Hart

Foreword: The following is an interview conducted upon SCP-X's initial containment.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Hart: Hello, SCP-X, I'm going to be interviewing you today. How are you feeling?

SCP-X: Who are you talking to?

Dr. Hart: You.

SCP-X: But my name's Jilly, not SCP-12345 or whatever.

Dr. Hart: Your name is now SCP-X for documentation purposes. Now, to the questions. Are you aware of what happened on September 5th? Today is September 7th for reference.

SCP-X: [pause] Nah man, what happened?

Dr. Hart: You were the only one intoxicated on your college campus when everyone else was incapable of becoming so. Do you know anything about this?

SCP-X: Nope.

Dr. Hart: When you left campus, several students suffered mental side effects due to drug usage, and four passed away due to alcohol poisoning.

SCP-X: Oh shit. That's insane.

Dr. Hart: Do you know anything about this?

SCP-X: Oh yeah. I was like "I wanna be stoned man, like no other" and then it fuckin' happened.

Dr. Hart: Hm, thank you for your cooperation, SCP-X.

SCP-X: No sweat, doctor-dude. You can call me Jilly.

<End Log>

Addendum 2: Interview Log 2

Interviewed: SCP-X
Interviewer: Dr. Hart
<Begin Log>

Dr. Hart: Good evening, SCP-X.

SCP-X: What's an SCP-X?

Dr. Hart: It's what I will be referring to you as. I explained this a few months ago.

SCP-X: Okay, whatever floats your boat. Didn't you talk to me this afternoon already?

Dr. Hart: I last interviewed you in September.

SCP-X: So it ain't September?

Dr. Hart: It's December. We're getting off track. I wanted to check up on you since we've last talked. See how you were doing.

SCP-X: Good, man. But bored. They gave me some paper and crayons so I've been keeping myself entertained. I've always liked to write, I even make my own words.

Dr. Hart: You create your own words? Can you give me an example?

SCP-X: Loumily. That's my favorite one, it's very peaceful.

Dr. Hart: Could you explain what you mean?

SCP-X: I go into this dream-like state when I say it sometimes. All my words make me feel and see things.

Dr. Hart: Interesting. Well, I think that's enough for today. See you later, SCP-X.

SCP-X: It's Jilly.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: A list of "made up" words and colors was discovered amongst the provided paper in SCP-X's cell. The list has been taken up for further inspection and testing.

Addendum 3: Interview Log 6

Interviewed: SCP-X

Interviewer: Dr. Hart

Foreword: The following is the transcript for the sixth interview conducted with SCP-X. Interviews three through five have been deemed insignificant, and can be found here.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Hart: Hello, SCP-X.

SCP-X: Sup man.

Dr. Hart: I have another appointment to attend to following this, so I'll get to the point. Could you tell me everything you know about the origin of your abilities?

SCP-X: I wasn't high, and now I am. Totally fuckin' stoned.

Dr. Hart: You randomly felt high without provoking it?

SCP-X: [laughs] Nah man, I smoked my first joint today, and it gave me fuckin' powers. I guess.

Dr. Hart: How long do you believe you have been in containment?

SCP-X: I dunno dude like, four-eight hours?

Dr. Hart: You've been in containment for two years.

SCP-X: Fuck dude.

Dr. Hart: I was aware your sense of time was impaired, but not quite to this extreme. To clarify, you had no sense of any anomalous abilities before you inhaled cannabis for the first time?

SCP-X: "Inhaled cannabis". What are you, my sophomore English teacher? [laughs] I suppose yeah. [laughs] I sound so professional. Suppose. I suppose so sir. [laughs]

Dr. Hart: So you did not. Thank you for answering. Did you have a history of drug usage in your family?

SCP-X: Nah man. Not close family at least. My uncle got arrested for selling crystal meth.

Dr. Hart: Did this inspire you to begin taking drugs?

SCP-X: Nope. He got taken away when I was seven. I'd never even touched a joint before that day.

Dr. Hart: Why did you begin that day?

SCP-X: Downhill spiral, man. I was a good student and shit, good grades, teachers' pet, but I wasn't happy.

Dr. Hart: So you started as a coping mechanism?

SCP-X: Huh? No, I thought I'd start doing shit to liven up my life to stop any depression from creeping in.

Dr. Hart: Alright, thank you for talking to me today.

SCP-X: You're welcome, man.

<End Log>


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