Oak's Proposal
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It had been a while since anyone had considered that the world was different than how it was in the time before. Glinting in the cold void of space like a dirty mirror's reflection, it had since rebuilt, but was a poor recreation of what had preceded it. A deserved result, almost karmic in nature had resounded through the softness of the night, and what was new quickly faded to obscurity and normalcy.

At this time, many found themselves at home. In one such home, soft bars of moonlight rolling over the nearby horizon paint the room. You have been awake for some time already, and plan to burn the midnight oil till day's break. Come to bed, you hear them say as the curtains are thrust open to stare at the landscape beneath, the kiss of the stars caressing their face. Both you and them have so many battle scars, lines, and cracks from attacks of stress, of aging, and of worry. Those defensive lines soon form a steady retreat as you watch the soft glow of your screen.

The fanfare from the release of these discarded files, a near-cacophony of uproar, left you with nothing more than a pervading sense of familiarity and of forgiveness. It's difficult to tell why — reading your inner thoughts causes it to jump from one thing to another, a sense of static and insect buzzing the only constant.

Despite this inner problem, there isn't much else to say. The site which you have open is quite interesting, and has taken the most of your focus for the day, even though you've not yet looked at it.

A soft hum is barely heard in the emptiness of the room around you. And in the stillness of the night, as if a bell tolled truth, as you stare at the screen in front of you, a speck of dust in the empty room of space;

All is normal.
All is quiet.
All is fine.

Except for absolutely everything.

This is official documentation of the SCP Foundation.

It is true you may not be aware of our organization's mission.

By consensus of the O5 Council, we have decided to release our entire system of files.

All is detailed below.
Who we are. What we have done. What we ought not to have done.

For the reason why, we suggest you start here.


The link leads to a file entitled SCP-001.

001 seems to be the start. It is the first number, after all (though many mathematicians would disagree).

You think to yourself. It is best to start at the beginning, no?

Unless that beginning is an end.

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