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Item Number: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The town of Elsah, Illinois is under Stemu/Kvar Protocol — no civilians are allowed to leave the town, unless amnesticized by Foundation personnel. The town is to be monitored via CCTV camera by WildWatcher.aic, and Foundation Webcrawlers are to ensure information regarding SCP-XXXX is not shared online.

No further actions to contain SCP-XXXX are necessary (see Addendum Three).

Description: SCP-XXXX is a thirteen-year-old male Class-IV Reality Bender, currently situated in the town of Elsah, Illinois. SCP-XXXX goes by "Jason Millard," though it is unclear if this is their alias or their birthname.

SCP-XXXX's full reality-bending capacity is unknown. <insert more here later>

Addendum One — Discovery

On June 15th, 2016, the Foundation was alerted to SCP-XXXX via newspaper article. It read as follows:

An Elsah-Born Superman! 15.6.2016

We often times get to hear about mysterious and wondrous people doing extraordinary things from either the news or from our friends. A magician who manages to walk through The Great Wall of China, a street performer who swallows a flaming sword, but this Monday, the townspeople of Elsah were treated to a surprising sight of our own!

During the birthday party of now eight year-old Jason Millard, his father Adam was trying to get back a Frisbee one of the neighborhood kids recklessly threw at their house's roof. Adam went up to the roof, threw back the frisbee to the kids… and slipped on a tile, plummeting to the hard concrete floor below! What happened next was utterly bizarre:

"For a moment there, it felt like time stopped." said Anne, "I saw Adam falling from the roof, flat on his back a-and I knew the moment that he'd hit the floor, that's it. He either won't walk again, or… I don't even want to think about it. […] Adam closed his eyes and prepared himself for the inevitable, Jason screamed for his dad and started to cry, and I had to look away because I couldn't bear it. But.. it was quiet. I didn't hear a thud, I didn't hear other people screaming, there was just complete silence.

I opened my eyes in hesitation, and saw Adam just… frozen in the air. He looked more confused than me, honestly. He looked around a bit to make sure he wasn't dreaming, and then just flapped his arms in the air like a bird that forgot how to fly! I looked at my son, and Jason was on the floor, crying. I went up to talk to him, but the moment that he opened his eyes, Adam stopped being stuck there and fell to the floor again. I don't know if Jason was the one to do it, but he was the only one not looking at his flying dad."

While his mother isn't quite sure if it was Jason who did the freezing or not, other mothers were more eager to pitch in with their opinions. "It was so obviously Jason," added Noah Landa, one of the women who were at the party, "every other kid was screaming or not even paying attention, but he was the only one who wasn't losing [his mind]. I'm telling you, it's gotta be him."

Patricia West, who wasn't at the event and just happened to pass by, said "that little [kid] has been doing this stuff for a while now! His basketball throws were obviously being messed with, they moved in the air!"

Whether or not all of these claims are valid is something for another day, but no matter the final verdict, we all were witness to an act of God's mercy on a fortunate Elsah father!

Foundation scientists were sent to the town posed as travelers for covert research. After three confirmed instances of reality-bending properties and a significant internal Hume count, the object was deemed anomalous and designated as an SCP.

Addendum Two — Capture Attempts

Following the classification of the object, numerous attempts to capture SCP-XXXX had been made. An abridged list of attempts can be found below.

DATE: July 11th, 2019

PERSONNEL INVOLVED: Mobile Task Force Xi-16 ("Believer")

ATTEMPT SYNOPSIS: Xi-16 was to convince SCP-XXXX to leave Elsah through any subtle means. Once secured, Xi-16 would transport the object to Site-43, where it would be secured. SCP-XXXX would be reported as a missing persons case.

ATTEMPT DESCRIPTION: [doesn't work out, SCP-XXXX says "lol no"]

DATE: August 2nd, 2019

PERSONNEL INVOLVED: Mobile Task Force Epsilon-6 ("Village Idiots")

ATTEMPT SYNOPSIS: Epsilon-6 was to capture SCP-XXXX via chloroform and secure the entity before transporting it to Site-43.


DATE: August 23rd, 2019

PERSONNEL INVOLVED: Mobile Task Force Epsilon-6 ("Village Idiots")

ATTEMPT SYNOPSIS: Epsilon-6 was to attempt to neutralize SCP-XXXX while the entity would be preoccupied with an unrelated task, such as schoolwork.

ATTEMPT DESCRIPTION: [A sniper shot misses due to SCP-XXXX's subconscious abilities. After that fails, E-6 tries a more direct approach, which results in civilian and foundation casualties (injured, not killed) and some collateral damage.]

DATE: August 23rd, 2019

PERSONNEL INVOLVED: Mobile Task Force Epsilon-6 ("Village Idiots")

ATTEMPT SYNOPSIS: Epsilon-6 was to attempt to neutralize SCP-XXXX in a densely populated area, where the entity would be reluctant to use its anomalous abilities. The civilians would then be amnesticized.

ATTEMPT DESCRIPTION: [SCP-XXXX *is* more reluctant to use it, but instead the townsfolk start to fight and pin down the MTF. It doesn't work out and some of them get shot, but it's enough to help SCP-XXXX escape and stop the Foundation's offense.]

DATE: September 7th, 2019

PERSONNEL INVOLVED: Mobile Task Force Nu-7 ("Hammer Down")

ATTEMPT SYNOPSIS: Nu-7 was to lead SCP-XXXX to a building free of civilians in a method of their choosing. Once there, Nu-7 would detonate explosive charges placed on the building's support structures, bringing it down on SCP-XXXX. Before the entity would be able to properly assess the situation and retaliate, 5 Scranton Reality Anchors were to be placed in a radius around SCP-XXXX, neutralizing its anomalous capabilities. Finally, a member of Nu-7 would confirm SCP-XXXX's termination, and if unconfirmed, confirm it themselves.

ATTEMPT DESCRIPTION: [Oh man. SCP-XXXX gets there because of a kidnapping threat, and the building is dropped. However, because lil' Jason isn't a complete moron, he told some other citizens to come to the area to make sure that nothing funky happened. Once the Foundation goes in, some citizens who are really out of their league try to intervene, and are shot down. One or two of them manage to actually deal some damage to the SRAs, to the point where SCP-XXXX can actually fight back again. They're also shot down, but at this point Jason destroyed the remaining SRAs and can do stuff again. Way too many civilian casualties and way too much money.]

Addendum Three — Ethics Committee Investigation

Due to excessive and wasteful use of force on part of the Foundation in attempt to capture or terminate SCP-XXXX, an Ethics Committee investigation was launched. The transcript of the ruling can be found below.

EC Head: Good evening, gentlemen. May we proceed with the hearings?

Murmurs of approval are heard.

EC Head: Excellent. I am Noah Tejani, the Ethics Committee Director and Head. Present are four other members of the Ethics Committee, EC-3, EC-5, EC-8, and EC-21. Please repeat your names in that respective order for convenience sake.

EC-3: I am Elliot Ridgewell.

EC-5: My name is Doctor Jeremiah Cimmerian.

EC-8: Jane Douglass.

EC-21: Roy Barski, reporting.

EC Head: Excellent. I am under the presumption all present have read the preliminary documents, and as such, we may now begin.

Shuffling papers can be heard in the background.

EC Head: The first point of discussion is the ramifications of the SCP Foundation's actions in Elsah, specifically in regards to the population's awareness and opinion of our organization.

EC-3: If I may go first, I think it's pretty safe to say that the people of Elsah… hate us.

EC-5: Hell of an understatement.

EC-3: At this point, just showing our faces in that town will get an angry mob at our feet, which is something we'll seriously need to consider if or when we propose new capture attempts or whatever else we end up doing with him.

EC-8: If we're analyzing this situation correctly, it should be worth noting that SCP-XXXX has not yet performed malicious activities; on the contrary, it seems his presence in the town is beneficial to the inhabitants, which is prompting their hostile responses.

EC-5: Well, considering we're walking around in an armored truck with several weapons, I think they know it's a horrible idea to try to stop the capture attempts.


H: Calling it a 'capture' attempt is…

[Four seconds of silence.]

S: Howell?

H: Yeah, sorry, can't think of a proper word. Like, the things we tried to shoot at him included heavy artillery that took down an entire building. If he was distracted for a single second we'd probably only be capturing his lifeless corpse. I know we're dealing with things who have powers beyond our comprehension, but most reality benders are still made of meat and flesh. They're too scared to try anything funny on themselves, else they turn into a stone statue by accident.

B: The file does mention… "Authorization of lethal anti-reality bender weaponry" so I think it's just an issue of terminology.

R: Probably that. Most reality benders don't even get to have capture attempts, they just get a sniper on their position while they're taking a shit. As far as I'm aware, the only reason XXXX got a capture attempt was because he was assumed to be a Class-II and the wrong equipment was brought to the op.

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