There is a horror in the makers house

The scp is the mansion of the makers couple, a husband a d wife that got rich from the husbands unique style of pottery work. He created nested potter, where the vases and so on contained a smaller version of themselves very intricate.

Police reports of only the wife beibg assume wife killed husband, foundation notices mansion is weird, seems to contain second smaller version of itself.

Exploration log with streamed video of 3 peoplego in, find alot of the vases, meet the wife, she flees, one of them pursues, the other two try to go around, get lost notice she had 2 rows of teeth

Later the pursure cames back with stabbing wound and knife, explains he had her but she stabbed him, they talk then zhey notice he has 3 rows of teeth. He stabs one of them and the third runs away towards front door, opens it and reveals more doors, opens and opens while the second stabbed is heard running up to the third, the third falls to the ground exhausted and looks back to reveal second guy with 4 rows of teeth, as knife comes down and feed is cut.


For Discuss: why, how, conclusions, why does foundation initially care, killing critics idea

You are seeing a provisional version of this file due to the recent discovery of SCP-XXXX. It may be incomplete and not all containment procedures may have been enacted yet.


Visible are the spatial anomalies, with identical windows behind all windows and doors behind doors.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe Maybe Pending?

Special Containment Procedures: Under the cover story of the owner having passe, the grounds on which SCP-XXXX stands are to be acquired by the Foundation. A provisional site is to be erected to prevent access from the outside.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a mansion on the outskirts of Leed, England, which exhibits a number of anomalous spatial discrepancies. Further information is to be gained in an exploration mission, scheduled for 2020/25/02.

The mansion belongs to the Maker family, a husband (Charles) and wife (Christine, designated SCP-XXXX-1) that rose to wealth by selling Charles' unique style of pottery. On 2020/12/02 reports reached a local police station, that Charles has not been seen in a long time, with SCP-XXXX-1 acting suspiciously. Rumors of mariticide or a haunting of the mansion spread, leading to the Foundation picking up investigation.

Video Log, live streamed to command

3 People enter the house immediatly notice second door behind normal entrance door.

The step into main hall, calling for the homeowner.

There is pottery on shelves in every room, all of it contains a smaller version of it self.

#1 picks one up and looks at it, accidentally drops it.

From second floor -1 scream at him, what he is doing, throws something against their head then storms off.

#1 runs after -1, #2 and #3 get stopped by an increasing number of doors in each room they enter

#2 and #3 find themselves in dining hall, turkey contains another turkey (lol)

#3 explains she saw 2 rows of teeth on -1, right when#1 comes back

#1 is stabbed, carries the knife with them, explains -1 stabbed them

#3 asks to see their teeth, #2 thinks he should get help first #1 is confused

#3 gives in, #2 goes to look at wound and gets stabbed, #3 sees 3 rows of teeth and runs to the entrance

she makes it and tries to leave, opens door upon door but never reaches outside

she is exhausted and looks back to see #2 running up to her with a knife, #1 slumps down and final thing camera record is #2 bringing the knife down, with 4 rows of teeth visible in their mouth


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