Things Fall Apart

Four thousand tonnes of scorching hot metal slammed with unimaginable force into Jupiter's gravity well, decelerating from twice the speed of light to a mere twelve thousand kilometers per second in preparation for its approach to the Hawking Station. The retrochronal compensator whined as it adjusted the ship's computer systems for lost time. As they drew closer to the moon, the pilot attempted to open emergency communications with the ground crew, but the channel was filled with static.

The ship clumsily maneuvered itself into the unloading bay, at which point four robotic arms latched themselves onto the hull and suspended the craft in mid-air. Once everything was in place, a cylindrical tunnel extended from the wall, locked on automatically to the primary airlock, then flooded itself with air. As soon as the light above the hatch turned green, the captain pulled it open and began to sprint through the maze of corridors inside the terminal.

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