Item#: 5000
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: To minimize the risk of hostile actors becoming aware of any active investigations into SCP-5000, it has been assigned the Mendax containment class.1 As such, all knowledge regarding the phenomenon, including its existence, is being withheld from all personnel save for Lead Researcher Dr. Felix Richards.

Until it is concluded as to whether to not SCP-5000 is anomalous, it is to be treated as such.

Description: SCP-5000 is a phenomenon that affects various anomalous objects contained by the Foundation. SCP-5000, through as of yet unknown means, causes said objects to go missing. According to records kept at their respective initial containment sites, the objects in question have been relocated to various other sites, but investigation has revealed that none of them have ever arrived at their intended destination. No identifiable connection between the affected objects has been determined.

When questioned, personnel involved in the relocation of objects affected by SCP-5000 have all claimed that the objects arrived at their intended location without incident. This may indicate a secondary memory-affecting aspect to the anomaly. No other anomalous activity has been ascribed to SCP-5000, however, its severe and widespread effects on Foundation records and personnel can only be attributed to either anomalous activity or a complex external conspiracy, involving security breaches of the highest order.

Discovery: SCP-5000 was discovered on 01/14/2020 by Foundation Records Department personnel Dr. Felix Richards during routine record discrepancy reconciliation. As SCP-5000 is under investigation, updates on the anomaly are being written and inserted within this document by Dr. Richards.

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