Collabojam: Feelscreep + Creepyfeels

Hey there! So like I said, I went back through our old collaboration conversation. We never got too far, but there was a base concept, and I've gotten some ideas on how to build it into a fully fleshed article.

ELEVATOR PITCH: SCP bonds with a researcher, but tragically kills them due to instinctual behavior.

Inspiration: I think that it's easier to hit a reader in the feels when the narrative feels grounded in reality. Here are the stories that I think would make good inspiration:

Animal trainers killed by their animals

  • Dawn Brancheau, a SeaWorld trainer who was killed when an orca grabbed her by the hair and pulled her underwater.
    • "The two had known each other for 16 years […] Brancheau and Tilikum had just finished what was described by fellow trainers as a "very good session". She had been petting him and hugging him from the side of his tank and he had been performing spins for her.
  • Why lions attack their trainers.
    • "Having worked with lions and tigers all my life, I’ve come to the conclusion they can have similar levels of affection for a human as might a dog. They enjoy working and learning new things. They’re happy to have you around and treat you as one of their own. But you always have to remember that they are wild animals. Even a Jack Russell will bite someone one day, and it’s going to hurt a lot more if a lion bites you."

Koko the gorilla and All Ball

  • Over the years, Koko was able to understand and use more than 1,000 different signs — and famously asked for a cat for Christmas in 1983. Researchers initially gave her a stuffed animal, but Koko wouldn’t play with it and continuously signed “sad.”
  • For her birthday that year, researchers brought her a litter of kittens and let her choose one. Koko chose a gray and white kitten that she named “All Ball.” She treated the feline like one of her own — nurturing it, carrying it around like a baby and even trying to nurse it at one point.
  • In December 1984, All Ball escaped from Koko's cage and was hit and killed by a car. Later, Patterson said that when she signed to Koko that All Ball had been killed, Koko signed "Bad, sad, bad" and "Frown, cry, frown, sad". Patterson also reported later hearing Koko making a sound similar to human weeping.

Long Pitch: The SCP starts out as your typical freaky/weird creepypasta monster. But, thanks to the efforts of a particular researcher, they realize it's somewhat intelligent. They teach it rudimentary communication. They ease containment measures for it, give it some luxuries, treat it more like a humanoid and less like a monster in a box.

But then things get too lax, and the lead researcher is killed when the SCP gets too rough. The Foundation reverts back to its original containment procedures, treating it as an evil, mindless horror, even though the SCP keeps trying to communicate its sadness and regret. The SCP eventually dies in captivity (presumably of old age), calling for the researcher it killed.

Execution: Right now, I'm thinking I'll probably take care of the conprocs and the description, as well as coming up with the creature itself. I don't have a set idea yet, though I really want it to be something repulsive and disturbing, yet with the potential for really endearing and sweet (though still unusual) behaviors.

The addenda would mostly be reports by the lead researcher as it gets to know the SCP, discovers its affectionate side, teaches it to communicate, and builds a rapport. This is where I see you working your magic, but I'm good to help out however much you need.

The article closes out with dual incident reports—the death of the researcher, and then the death of the SCP itself. These can probably be handled by either of us.

Whatcha think?

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