Competitive Eschatology ideas

Gods already in use

SCP-343/Abrahamic God

  • Room for doubt as to if he's the actual one
  • Has four horsemen: SCP-231 (Conquest), SCP-027 (Famine), SCP-993 (War), SCP-053 (Death)
  • Also has an army of angels summoned by the gate (clef's proposal)

Ur-An-Uum (Awakenings)

  • God of the Children of the Night AKA SCP-1000
  • Described as a vast wall of fur
  • Appears to have done nothing yet.

Afanam (Now... This)

  • The Great Creator, Lord of All Wisdom and Holiness
  • Seems to be an original god
  • took over Sri Lanka and instituted a free love theocracy
  • Has a hippie commune in Pollensbee, Texas as his only worshipers who are disappointed at the revelation.

Gods to use

  • SCP-5998
  • SCP-5721
  • SCP-3928


SCP-5998 experiences spontaneous resurrection. Starts eradicating "sinners". Gets in a tangle along with SCP-343, perhaps a brief stand off.

All records of it have been expunged from existence, leaving them grappling in the dark.

Why tactical theology? Perhaps drawn to information on itself.

However, last few notes imply it was something it came to peace with in its final moments. Would have to find a reason for it to become more hostile. Someth

Hati and Skoll with Huitzilopochtli and Coyolxāuhqui

Wolves awaken to devour the sun and moon, which are fighting each other. They quickly strike an alliance to fight back against the wolves.

No reason for them to get involved in Tactical Theology, though.

Aten and/or Apep

Con: already had a focus on the sun/creatures that wanted to eat it. Would have to do something else.

Proposal: Apep was originally Aten, the umbilical cord of Ra, what fed him, what nourished him before the world came into being. He then decayed from the being that he was he into a snake like figure, intent on devouring what was stolen from him.

Con: How do i tie all that in beyond "grr scary snake"


Dragon that feasts on the corpses of the dead, murderers, adulterers, and oathbreakers. Chews on the roots of the world tree, seaking to destroy creation

Motivation: Nidhoggr is one of the few beings destinied to survive ragnarok. Unrepetasntly evil, it seaks to destroy the world and knows it cannot be killed in the proccess, it must survive until after ragnarok.

Theology site is built on an ley line/nexus - a crossing of tree roots of the World Tree that give it power. Nidhoggr seeks to undo it and with it, dissolve the world.

Notes: Tree thing might be a bit oout (it already chews on roots) perhaps surtr instead?

He arrives with his army of fire giants on the field of battle. He takes no pleasure nor misery in his role, stating that they all have roles that they must fullfill - he must burn the tree and all the worlds down, and he knows he shall die in the attempt. GOC nordic thing tries to contact him mentally in order to plea, that's when the main dialogue occurs.

Idea: battle takes place in the field in the GOC format?

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