Heptagon Theme

Hello World!
Include this CSS on your page by adding the following code:

[[include :kaktuskontainer:component:heptagon-theme]]

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Theme Description/End Goals

  • Header Font (Charm) used for header and sidebar titles (maybe page titles), a la Aesthetic Theme
  • Title Font (Oswald) used for Side/top bar, a la aesthetic theme
  • Fix the color palette using 2nd hytoth sigma 9 theme for inspo
  • Figure out how to do gradient background and header
  • Allow for compatibility/ease with creating Nouvelles-Iles theme (Replace header and logo)
  • Add special 2nd hytoth theme divs

Current Problems

  • Overabundance of Header Font (charm) in places that really don't need it…
  • But for some reason the subtitle of the header has the title font (oswald)
  • The header text is too big (especially on mobile) and causes collisions
  • really the entire thing is super ugly on mobile
  • search bar uses pale tan text over pastel pink background when selected
  • top bar selection is indistinct


Note: This is a Black Highlighter based theme. You will need to import the Black Highlighter theme as well in order to use this theme. To learn more go here.

To import this theme, add this to your page:

[[include :scp-wiki:component:black-highlighter-theme-dev]]
[[include :scp-wiki:component:heptagon-theme]]

Theme Colors

Palm Leaf --gray-monochrome(45, 70, 45)
Golden Yellow --bright-accent(255, 219, 90)
Surf --pale-gray-monochrome(178, 210, 180)
Envy --light-gray-monochrome(130, 160, 135)
Cardin Green --dark-gray-monochrome(30, 55, 30)
Gold Tips --medium-accent(228, 180, 28)
Dark Goldenrod --dark-accent(185, 150, 17)
Mango Tango --newpage-color(221, 102, 17)

Titles can be created by putting between one and six plus "+" at the start of the line

This is a tab view.

This is a blockquote, created by putting "> " at the start of each line.
More text

That's a horizontal rule

Nested blockquotes

Additionally, the heptagon theme has thirteen built in div classes, great for use as block quotes or in combination with tabs, which you can use with the following code:














This is a table
You should know how to make these

The body font is Montserrat.
The Header font is Charm.
The Title font is Oswald.
The monospace font used is Nova Mono.

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